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Zabriskie Point – Soundtrack (vinyl, 1997) [24-96]

Zabriskie Point (soundtrack)
1997 version

MOVLP 150 vinyl rip

101 Heart Beat, Pig Meat (Pink Floyd)
102 Brother Mary (Kaleidoscope)
103 Excerpt from Dark Star (Grateful Dead)
104 Crumbling Land (Pink Floyd)
105 Tennessee Waltz (Patti Page)
106 Sugar Babe (The Youngbloods)
107 Love Scene (Jerry Garcia)
108 I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again (Roscoe Holcomb)
109 Mickey’s Tune (Kaleidoscope)
110 Dance of Death (John Fahey)
111 Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up (Pink Floyd)

Bonus disc from 1997 release
201 Love Scene Improvisations (Version 1) (Jerry Garcia)
202 Love Scene Improvisations (Version 2) (Jerry Garcia)
203 Love Scene Improvisations (Version 3) (Jerry Garcia)
204 Love Scene Improvisations (Version 4) (Jerry Garcia)
205 Country Song” (Pink Floyd)
206 Unknown Song” (Pink Floyd)
207 Love Scene (Version 6) (Pink Floyd)
208 Love Scene (Version 4) (Pink Floyd)


Zabriskie Point (Antonioni 1970) [HD x264 Ita Ac3 Eng-Esp-Deu Aac – Multisubs].mkv

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    I added the film. It’s got several languages, so if you use VLC, you can select the one you’d like to read.