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Comfort, with Robert Hunter: Alligator Moon

I grabbed this from Dime, added the three tracks that were from the Promontory Rider release and brought it here. Tracks 1-2 and 6-10 are 24-96. Tracks 3-5 are 16-44.

Comfort with Robert Hunter
“Alligator Moon” unreleased album

01 Jesse James
02 She Gives Me Love
03 Hooker’s Ball [REDACTED] – added back
04 Drunkard’s Lullaby [REDACTED] – added back
05 Promontory Rider [REDACTED] – added back
Alligator Moon Suite:
06 Arroyo Hondo
07 Domino Cigarette & Helena
08 Domino
09 Blue Note
10 East St. Louis Blues

music – Kevin Morgenstern & Richard McNees
lyrics – Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter: guitar, vocals
Larry Klein: 6-string bass
Kathleen Klein: vocals
Kevin Morgenstern: guitar, vocals
Pat Courenzano: drums
Richard McNees: keyboards
Rodney Albin: banjo, fiddle, etc.
Marlene Molle Albin: vocals

Source: Cassette copied from a band member in 1989.

This came to me directly from a member of the band, and they described it simply as the “unreleased album”. All info above is provided by that person, or was labeled on the tape. To be clear, I have not changed the sequence and I have not compiled this from any other sources.

New transfer:
Playback on Nakamichi Dragon > RME Fireface 800 at 24-bit 96kHz
Processed with Waves L3 Ultramaximizer (normalization, dither, noise shaping)

Someone on YouTube compiled a version of this album from multiple sources. They did not have any version at all of “She Gives Me Love”. They also did not have “Jesse James” – they used a live recording instead. They claim the “Alligator Moon Suite” is from a studio rough mix of the album from Front Street Studios 1977-10-18. I’m not sure if that’s the same source as this, but this sounds much, much better. With regard to it being a “rough mix”, I suppose any mix is a rough mix if it precedes the released version, and this was never released. That being said, the transition at the beginning of East St. Louis Blues is a bit rough.

Is this really the only known recording of “She Gives Me Love”? That’s pretty amazing.

The YouTube compiler also said their versions of “Hooker’s Ball”, “Drunkard’s Lullaby”, and “Promontory Rider” were released on the (now out-of-print) compilation album “Promontory Rider”. I can’t prove those are any different than the ones on my cassette, but, to be safe, I am redacting those tracks. For what it’s worth, the version on my cassette sounds a lot better than the version on YouTube. I don’t have the actual album to compare to.


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