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    1. Ozymandias

      Yeah, talk here, there, or somewhere. But I’m stuck on an unreliable wifi hotspot right now so will have to get back to you. Thanks for the link.

        1. Ozymandias

          Their police dog out-policed my police dog.

          coming into Texas from Pagosa Springs
          keeping it legal with cruise control
          dog scent flying all around the cab
          false hits, could we feel much safer
          coming into Texas, the Lone Star State
          bringing in a couple of zeees
          don’t stop our truck if you please, Mr. Piggy Ma-an

          If you have family in LE, pardon the porcine label, it comes from my experiences.
          We can talk if you wish. Or this can be a point for general discussion. 😎

          1. Mr.+Kotter

            Nice cover of of Arlo’s Coming into LA. He was never stuck on the original lyrics of a song either. 😜
            These executives have plooked the fuck out of me
            And there’s still a long time to go before I’ve
            Paid my debt to society
            And all I ever really wanted to do was
            Play the guitar ‘n bend the string like

            Glad your on the outside now. And safe.

  1. roy wood

    Oh and yes I have the Bob And John Show as a Video if there is a demand for I’ll fix that, not it’s not high-res not even lossless but it’s quite nice to see ’em enjoying themselves

  2. roy wood


    On Lime Torrents there is the Hi-Res (24-96) Digital Download of the 72 Lyceum

    A comment, in another forum says

    For those who are interested, my initial conclusions, based on DR values, looking at the waveforms/spectrums, and using my ears, is that these files are simply the 24/96 originals used to create the redbook HDCD files for the 2011 Box Set. Dynamically, they are virtually identical to the 24/44.1 “decoded” files that I created and shared in another thread recently. For example, here’s the DR of the decoded 5/26/72 show”

    and later
    “The 24/96 files are more “leveled” in terms of volume, and so they’re generally louder than the decoded files, but (a) the waveforms look pretty much the same, and (b) that difference could be an artifact of coding (then decoding) 2 or 3 db’s of that dynamic range into the ‘peak-extension’ part of the HDCD files. Plus — though I’ve only compared brief snippets — the two sources sound very similar, similar enough to chalk up most of the differences to the extra Hz in the digital download.

    And there *is* plenty of audio information in these files above the 22 Hz range of the decoded HDCD files.

    So these *are* the real deal, as far as being hi-res goes. Whether they’re actually a “remaster” or not, I’m not sure, but I doubt it. It seems that they just packaged the never-before-released files that were used to make the HDCD’s in the Box Set.”

    Lime Torrents are are an open tracker–Europe-%2072-(Live)-(50th-Anniversary-Edition)-(2022)-%5B24-Bit-Hi-Res%5D-FLAC-%5BPMEDIA%5D-%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F-torrent-17541412.html

  3. Ike

    Hey, just wanted to check in and say hi. Not been around much lately. Hope everybody is doing ok. Things are ok on my end. I see the beautiful river of golden music has not dried up. Right on! Music is love and comfort. Best wishes to you all. – Ike

    1. Camphor

      I know that many sites try to keep politics out of their discussions, for good reason, I wish the Supreme Court could do the same. Love the new banner.

  4. Mr. Kotter

    So the big site is up again. YAY!
    has anyone else had a problem getting back on?
    I got this …. myemail was not found in the database.

    I’d really like to get back on with my old account.
    Any recommendations or a good way to get in touch with an admin there?

    1. Camphor

      I think goother is the guy to get in touch with. I got his contact email from the Lossless Legs Facebook site. One thing i do know is don’t try to set up a new account, rather goother will help you with resetting your old one.

  5. Bufford T Justice

    The main page 8-30-70 video is awesome. Can’t watch it enough.
    Easy Wind is perfect Bobby… and Pig is fucking crazy
    Thx 204

  6. dab


    I recently grabbed Nirvana (1991) Nevermind (2011) Deluxe Edition [24-44] from here. I want to convert it to MP3 for my phone, and foobar can’t do it because it says it has 4 channels. I’ve tried downmixing to 2 but it creates clipping. Does anyone have this album already in 2 channels or know more about downmixing than I do? Thanks.

    1. aikowolf

      I’m doing ok. Working some long hours and not had time to update my life lately. Still in the program and hope to be out in a few weeks or so.

      Thanks for inquiring. I’ll follow up with a longer text this weekend. I received yours and like I mentioned just long hours at work keep me from much free time

  7. Ozymandias

    Does anyone have experience with Audiochecker? I’ve DLed some albums as flac butthey have no MD5 or or FFP files to use in TLH. I have only an audiochecker.log and I don’t use the program.

    Flac has an md5 has built into it right? That would be a hash for the album as a whole and I can see one in uTorrent. But there is nothing to verify against. Right?


    1. Camphor

      If I understand your question correctly, I believe you can create md5 and ffp in TLH using the Checksum dropdown menu.

      1. Bufford T Justice

        Chances are that none of those files had md5 checksums when you grabbed the goods.
        Like Camphor said, I think creation using TLH is the way to go. If it fails, something is funky… but l think If it checks afterwards with new checksums, you’re good to go

          1. anymouse

            I believe the audiochecker.log is mostly like an EAC.log, checking that the extraction from CD is accurate, and additionally does a check to see if the file is lossless or not.

            As far as ensuring the flacs are intact, a fingerprint file is created whenever a flac file is created, and that fingerprint is stored in the header of the flac file. When traderslittlehelper or other such programs create a ffp, (flac fingerprint), they are really just compiling a list of the fingerprints already in each flac file.

            Therefore, if you use a tlh type program to create a ffp, you can use it to check that the audio portion in the flac container is undamaged and identical to what it was when created.

            I know it seems counterintuitive a file can be used to check itself, but this should work.

            Hope this helps, I’m reaching back deep on convos more than a decade ago.

  8. DeadNZ

    Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for all the hard work of the admins. I really enjoy being here. Thanks & Happy Holidays from down under.

  9. Ozymandias

    Happy holy days and thank y’all for continuing to visit.

    It’s cliche but without you folks BOR would just be a silly number of directories on some desktop boxes.

    It’s, like, man, wow, the flacs want to come out and play but they need someone to ask them first. That’s your pleasure. We just give them a place to live. That’s our pleasure.

    1. TGOGD

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Big fan of hanging out here with all you all. Let’s hope the music Gawds continue to shine a light on us in 2022!
      Peace & Happiness to aLL.

      1. Bufford T Justice

        Right on guys…
        been grate hangin’ with y’all this year and let’s hope for some tasty breakout releases this coming 2022.
        I like to think it’ will be endless forever.

        Best wishes for health, happiness and music from my family to all of yours

        Koda ❤

    2. Mr Bonkers

      Hi All
      Thank you for the support evident here in this group.
      Happy Christmas to you all. Let’s hope 2022 is better.
      And thank you for the music 🙂
      Mr Bonkers

  10. aikowolf

    Hey Now!
    Just wanted to drop a quick note since I’ve been pretty absent lately.

    This past summer found me falling down the dark hole of addictions (alcohol and pot) combined with severe mental health issues. Unfortunately I was unable to get these under any type of control before my wife decided she had had enough of my craziness. I have been homeless just about 4 weeks now, but for the last 2 weeks I have been in a residential program working on my mind, body, spirit and recovery. It’s a 90+ day program that is actually one of the best free programs in the country.
    I am not looking for sympathy by any means but know this bunch here are very empathetic.
    Any and all good vibes, prayers and thoughts my way for successful completion and a better new life beyond are always appreciated.

    I did lose my old phone number and am awaiting a new phone but my email is the same if anyone feels like reaching out.

    Peace to you all and if anyone is experiencing any addiction or mental health issues, go get help now. There’s no reason to let it get to a point you lose your loved ones over.


    1. Ozymandias

      There IS a way out of the hole. I’m proof of this. But it took a while. You Know My Name (Look Up My Email). Or something like that.

      Contact me anytime, especially the darkest times. As I once said, I don’t pretend and I don’t preach.

    2. Ozymandias

      And beware those who stigmatize. I’ll generalize and say they know nothing. I’m militant about that. And they may have ulterior motives. Walk out on those. You would not believe the psychologists/docs I’ve encountered. They will never do that to me again.

      A good social worker can point you to good community resources. Don’t put ALL of your faith in one helper. In TX there is a job rehab program that will get medical assistance and jobs retraining with the goal of re-employment, of course. It may even pay tuitions for real post-grad colleges. Maybe in CO/Denver too.

      Uh-oh, I guess this might be preaching.

      1. aikowolf

        The state runs a long term facility down in SE Colorado that’s a 2 year program that entails long term vocational training, but the friction between the local conservative population I’ve heard make the whole thing a tinder box.

        So far no stigmatizing happening, folks seeks genuinely supportive and overall joyous to be working and volunteering in the program.

        Forgot to mention mentoring on career identification and retraining does come later in the program

        Very limited storage space for music but if anyone has any music on Google drive or other file sharing apps that’s easy enough to download repeatedly and delete…


    3. TGOGD


      mind body spirit and recovery. This year has been challenging to so many, like never before. The human brain seems hardwired to keep moving forward, not so much to stop and think. Taking time to recover and check in with yourself is key. Mindfulness.

      I’m beginning to think this music that has all brought us together is some of the oldest & most spiritual medicine that us humans have come up with.

      I hope you get some time to heal and gain perspective. Definitely the first step is recognizing there’s a problem and something needs to change. Good on you brother.

      Not sure I have the language skills to say anything profound, and Big Star is sounding good as I type this, so I’ll quote them –
      Lord, I’ve been tryin’ to do what I could
      But each time, it gets a little harder
      I feel the pain
      But I’ll try again
      – Alex Chilton / Christopher Bell – Try Again – 1972 ish on #1 Record

      If you need some music, let us know! Peace Brother.

      1. Camphor

        Hey Aiko,

        My situation is not exactly the same, but similar, in my mind. On 8/24 I had a stroke, luckily I only lost some mental capability and no physical. No cause for the clot has yet been identified. I have, however, been obsessing about why it happened and how can I prevent another? I’ve talked to Ozy, and found he has good advice re behavior modification. I suspect that you are getting a plate full of that in your residential program, but I found it useful to talk to someone who has been through the issue. Take care and best wishes for a successful recovery.

  11. Ozymandias

    I have a post that really carries little weight here, or anywhere. I recently learned there is a gentleman (Brit?) at TTD or Dime with the handle ozymandias (small “O”). That’s not me. OK, carry on

  12. TGOGD

    Any record album Transfer Info out there in the brain trust? Curious about getting a nice Transfer of the Uncle Tupelo March 24, 1994 Lounge Ax Chicago, IL RSD exclusive album I picked up today.

    I ain’t got no record player, but when I saw it for $20 used I had to get it. Only released on vinyl so far and it contains the whole show, bootlegs are missing 4 tracks since they didn’t broadcast the whole show.

    I’m on a UT bender and it’s fun!

  13. Ike

    …or should I just get another Apple iPhone (maybe a relatively inexpensive SE or XR model) and continue to listen to music with a separate and decent DAP/DAC???

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I am a HUGE Samsung/Android guy.
      iPhones are awful for music and so many other things (IMHO).
      The OS on Apple compared to Android (user friendliness) is junk.
      I know you got my email and phone # brother… be more than happy to go thru wit ya…

      I Have a Samsung 8 with a 512GB Micro SD card and playback with Poweramp app ($5 – for full app – forevah).
      I can playback 24-192 and everything else with ease.
      Highly recommend jumping over to Android

      1. Ike

        Mr. Justice, I thank you. I’m getting old and forgetful. I went back and found your advice from a couple years back. I’m down to the proverbial fork in the road. I may go with the Samsung A52s or I may go with a cheap cell phone and upgrade my DAP. Information overload is setting in once again. Happens everytime!

        🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Ike

    Hi Folks, I’ve got to buy a new cell phone asap. Currently have an iPhone 6S with Verizon as the carrier.

    I don’t need much, looking to spend $500 to $700 max. Thinking of maybe goin’ with an older model Samsung this time as I want to fool around with playing music thru my phone and like the sd slot option for playing stored music and like the better DACs the Samsungs use. Up to now have always only used my Fiio x1 2nd gen with sd slot for playing music with wired Grado headphones. Love that relic of a DAP! 🙂 Any suggestions most welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Ike. 🙂

  15. Ozymandias

    All: I accidentally deleted 2 comments that were wrongly flagged by the spam filter. If you posted a comment yesterday or today -Sat.- and haven’t seen it show up please post it again if you want.

  16. room204

    Hey spidergawders, Season 2 of the quiz kicks off on Friday, June 25. I don’t exactly know what the prizes will be yet, but rest assured that there will be some sort of swag to make it “worth” your while.
    This one will both harder and easier than last time, so plan accordingly.

    1. mel

      Hey my friend
      Is it possible to get a friend in the door? (I don’t see a signup anywhere)
      As always, millions of thanks. (for everything!)

        1. mel

          Thx for your help. He’s having no luck “invalid login”. (We’re both ancient and not up to speed on the ins and outs) Any suggestions would be most appreciated. He’s tried my 2 emails as the user and “eephour” as the password. Being ancient, I can’t remember any other user name I might have used-outsmarted myself again?

  17. room204

    Hey, in case this slipped under the radar, some of us Portland, OR people are going to meet up at Mt Tabor on Saturday, May 15. Go to the top, look for a round piece of concrete, and find the guy with a hat and a black stealie shirt, sitting on a red chair. That will likely be me. I’m heading up to be there by 11am.

  18. aikowolf

    Not sure how many know this but it is possible to search for trackerless torrents such as what we have going on here.

    Searching by date will be the more likely ones with seed, but there’s some massive discographies that are years old that are still seeding too.

    1. TGOGD

      Totally underrated show! I’m shocked more people don’t talk about it.
      Got Larry Reichman’s Barton Hall book, and have been meaning to give it the once over twice.
      Think today’s a good day.
      Just noticed this “Feedback” section and reading through it.
      I gotta tell you all, I’m way impressed with this place. Big round of Applause.

  19. JerryRocks

    In PUT THIS IN YOUR EAR, don’t forget Eric Schwartz’s Lone Star Dead, one of, if not the longest running Grateful Dead radio shows (started in 1983 by Dave Moynihan, and Eric Schwartz took over in 1992)! It’s on Friday evenings on KNON 89.3 Dallas & Fort Worth, and on Facebook, from 8-10pm CST, 9-11pm EST, 6-8pm PST.

    I’ve been trading with Eric since the 1980s! 🙂

  20. room204

    After BOR went down in March of 2020, it took a bit of time to rebuild and relaunch what we now know as, on April 3, 2020.

    So raise a glass to one year.

    We continue to exist because of all of you. I thank you all for proving that there can be an internet community that is not divisive, angry, hurtful, or judgemental. We deal in respect with each other, and for the music … in that order, and that’s pretty fucking cool, if you ask me.

    Raise your glass, again, for another year.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      Very cool indeed. Can’t believe it’s been a year.

      I love the fact that we check ourselves “at the door” here, and unlike other sites, hang our hat on the rack, download what we like and enjoy each other for the love of music. … Music is music and negativity is non-existent here. That makes this like no other site… and I thank every single soul here for that!

      I do want to raise my glass (even higher) to Room204 & Ozy for making this a reality… 204’s initial vision, creativity and maturation of the site with his partner in crime Mr. OZY, I say thank you, for all you both have given and shared over the years with us.
      For the love of the Grateful Dead, Jerry & so many other great artists, we cannot thank Room 204 and OZY enough for making this a bookmark and a place to smile on a daily basis. Effin’ A.

      I feel blessed to have made friends with all of you here.

      Happy 1st Spidergawd. What a trip! ❤ NOT FADE AWAY ❤

  21. Mr. Kotter

    Happy Pi Day
    Listen to at least 3.14 (shows, hours, … something you figure it out).
    Circle round and tell a story. A circle of song. Terrapin comes to mind.
    and it would have been my Dad’s birthday (and Einstein’s too)

  22. aikowolf

    We seem to be getting a few spam comments in the posts, luckily they don’t get posted immediately and await moderation. Im not sure if its possible to ban certain IPs or maybe its time to change the password.

        1. room204

          ok .. two more spams in the past hour. How many people does changing the password affect? Is broadcasting the new password on the TOP BAR likely safe from robots (probably, ignorant me says)?

          1. aikowolf

            I had 3 different IPs in spam messages the last 2 days. I think most folks are here by invitation, perhaps an effort to notify all we can of an impending pw change via email and pm’s at the various sites we use?

      1. Ozymandias

        OK, that URL is blocked (if I learned correctly.)

        If spam always gets recognized by WordPress and requires admin approval then the admins just trash it, it never makes it onto the site. That has been the case in the past, I don’t remember a spam that made it onto the site and I’ve trashed many awaiting approval.

        Yes, I know about the 2 url rule for catching the spam.

        Also, spam can bypass the pw and go directly into Comments if it’s searching popular keywords. using Regex. Beatles would be a keyword. This will be tested today with a new Beatles post.

        Let’s wait a bit before changing the pw.

  23. aikowolf

    Been debating doing this for a while and you now, if not now, when?

    I’m looking for co-conspirators, errr contributors that is for a podcast.

    A “this week or weeks, in live music history. Play some bootleg tracks from pretty much any genre and time period. And have some talk about the tracks, doesn’t have to be anything real deep but talk on the performance, the recording.. what else was the band up to right then. If you were at a show played, recollections of those are always welcome.

    Contributions can be offering up tracks for particular week, discussions, writings as scripts ( some of you are wordsmith extraordinaire i think)

    I’m hoping to launch by mid March or so….

    Anyone interested feel free to drop a note here or at my email if you have it. I plan on getting a new Gmail with the shows name when I get that part figured out.

    Definitely not trying to do this to monetize it but if somehow it grows and looks to make a few bucks I propose using the funds to buy HD tracks to share here, help with any hosting costs of this place and maybe make contributions to other trackers.

  24. Ozymandias

    And now for some completely unimportant info.

    I’ve not been ignoring emails, I just changed addy.

    I’ve got a new email for BOR (and other places):
    ozymandias.musicbox AT

  25. Ike

    I don’t venture too often into the Feedback space here but notice a missed birthday.


    You’re a good soul and I think I speak for the group when I say we’re all the better for having your presence and good vibes here, there, and everywhere.



  26. Bufford T Justice

    I think LL is freakin’. been down for a while.

    BTW … great news on DP 37
    Included is entire 2nd set of 4-18-78 and 4 songs from Set 1. More Betty ❤
    What a nice nugget to chew on for the weekend.
    <<< Scarlet > Dancin’ >>>

  27. aikowolf

    I believe I may have come up with a solution to my problem of not being able to create .torrent files.

    I plan on trying this out this weekend (Jan 30 or 31).

    I could use a couple testers though for leeches. I know folks connect to me from here when I download other folks peoples offerings.

    So who’s game?

    I’ll upload the torrent to box and post it as a reply here, no need for a post if it fails.

  28. aikowolf

    Tried the Trader Joe’s Boatswain Double IPA (Twin Screw Steamer) last night, figured for $4.99 a six why not? (8.4% ABV)

    While not terrible, definitely lacked any real hoppiness and the head had a lot to be desired, but nice somewhat maltiness to it.

    Definitely not like any IPA I’m familiar with but did I mention 8.4% @ $4.99 a six pack… better than Schlitz for sure at this price point.

  29. Bufford T Justice

    The 5-25-74 video is waaay cool. Thanks for putting it on the main page.
    Been watching quite a bit since it came out.
    The stand up bass is awesome

  30. Bufford T Justice

    Ordered my June 1976 hoodie from GDM in February when announced, and just got it yesterday. haha
    Maybe hoodies are more effective in winter anyways…

    1. Robert Nesta Marley

      Happy Turkey day y’all – thankful for the many, many gifts the great folks of this site have been so generous with….thankful and grateful for you all – and this place 🙂 here’s to 2021 be the best year ever!!!

    2. Camphor

      Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Got a 20lb bird, found out later that day that some fam had Covid (minor, no hospitalization), ended up feeding 2. I have leftover turkey for sale really cheap!

  31. Aikowolf

    oh hell, smashed my phone earlier today, thankfully could afford another right now. Not much music lost thankfully but will take a few days to get the new one all set for here… bear with me

  32. Bufford T Justice

    Me, Christina and Koda hiking up Bluff’s Head in Guilford, CT on a gorgeous day.
    You can see Hartford to the left and Long Island to the right.
    Got my new American Beauty 50th hat and some good Trident Indica for the adventure.

  33. aikowolf

    Eddie Va Halen dead at 65 from cancer… no matter what you think of his music, definitely an influential guitar player for sure.

  34. aikowolf

    I have 5 Flatt and Scruggs and 4 Jacos sitting at mega waiting to be posted… I understand the need for more quality time to accomplish my grand plans… bear with me some will happen today hopefully.

    Oh and I found a big stash of Complete Newport blues sets from to complement the 3 disc set.

  35. Ozymandias

    Man, am I sick of writing up posts. I need to hire a secretary. No speed typing needed. The only requirement is that he know my kind of music, knowing Tony Joe White seals the deal. One way or another, this thing’s got to give.

    But I will survive. 8^)

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I love writing posts. DBL IPA’s at reach – Music in the background – Columbo un-cut on Peacock & NFL RedZone (65′ Flat Screen 4 feet away), Gorilla Glue #4… and clicking away on dBpoweramp & TLH. Sign me up!

      Hey OZY – I’ll help you for minimum wage ❤

  36. Bufford T Justice

    I am a “freak” Columbo fan. Digest it daily and have seen EVERY episode at least 50-75+ times (literally).
    My girl gets pissed because I recite dialog while watching… (and don’t even start on Columbo trivia – deadly skills on that end)
    This print became available just recently for the final run of 20 prints. 80 of these beauties in the world and no more ever will be made. I’m one of 80 in the World.
    My year is made. Just got home from professionally framing it, and it is SU-PERB!
    “…just one more thing” … love you all. I’m GLOWING!!!

    Columbo Season 9: Episode 1 > Murder, A Self Portrait
    Aired: November 25, 1989

    My new art
    Original resting in the Peter Falk estate.

    “Do I really look like this” ?

    1. Camphor

      I loved Columbo. He came across as either dumb or sloppy or not giving a damn, but man, the traps he laid. Played perfectly by Peter Falk. Like the “Columbophile” play on audiophile.

      1. Bufford T Justice

        @Camphor: Also a huge fan of Ernie Davis. Jim Brown’s pupil.
        I am Michigan true-n-true. But Syracuse Football is a lifetime of awesome memories and greatness on the field

        1. Camphor

          Jim was also a great lax player at Syr, Ernie might have been too? Their football team has never achieved the former greatness, and their basketball team is in a long drought too. I was a big fan during the Big East rivalries, Syr vs Georgetown (or St. Johns or UConn) were epic games. The breakup of Big East Basketball was a sad day in the sports world.

          1. Camphor

            BTW, pitiful first half for the Celts last night, followed by some defense and quite a 3rd period recovery. If only they would kick that defense in a little earlier…

          2. Bufford T Justice

            Yes – Celts better tighten up 2moro night out of the gate, Camphor.
            Heat can flat out score…

            Tomorrow is as good as it gets “sports-wise” and DBL IPA-wise ☺
            1:00pm > Patriots/Raiders
            4:30pm > Cowboys/Seahawks
            7:30pm > Celtics/Heat Gm 6
            8:20pm > Packers/Saints
            Last day of MLB regular season > 3 spots to be grabbed.
            MNF > Chiefs/Ravens

      2. Camphor

        Man BTJ, Celtics took it on the chin with another rough second half. Come on draft day! You were right about it being a good IPA day, my sons came over to watch the Bills vs Rams, so the IPA’s started early. Luckily it was largely Singlecut 18 (5%). As the game got tight, I pulled out the Commodore Perry (7.7%), and things started getting a little hazy…especially this morning. Great games all day (except for the Celts), capped off by a gunslinging Sun night game. Even won my fantasy game against a young whippersnapper.

        1. Bufford T Justice

          Awesome Camphor. I’m hooked on Six Point Resin 9.1% abv…. ※ ☺

          I was doing RedZone for the Bill’s comeback 🙂
          My Cowboys were, err, the Cowgirls. Russell Wilson is insane.

          I’m ahead on my Fantasy by .7 pts.
          I got (4) in the game 2nite (Mahomes, my starting QB & Sammy Watkins) 🙂
          & BAL Justin Tucker (K) & Marquis Brown (WR)

          He’s just got BAL RB Mark Ingram II

          1. Camphor

            4 TDs, 0 int and a 143.8 QBR for Mahomes??? That’s a game. I’m in a league with my fam, son-in-law snagged Mahomes pick before mine, I took Russell Wilson as a consolation. I take Justin Tucker every year, reliable K who consistently scores well.

            Bill’s are playing well this year except for run defense and being able to put a game away after getting a lead. I don’t think they match up against a team like Bal or KC, but I remember hearing on TV a thousand times after Vitalis commercials “On any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team”, so maybe there is hope when they play KC on 10/15.

            You’ve mentioned Resin before, gotta get some. At 9.1%, I won’t plan on doing anything productive after opening.

  37. Ozymandias

    If you ever get an alert when posting a Comment telling you that “Your comment is awaiting moderation,” please know that WordPress has lost its collective mind and that we didn’t cause that. We do not moderate Comments. Just tell us one way or another that it has happened and we’ll fix it.

    If we see that when we login we’ll take care of it with out a notice. But we don’t login to Dashboard every day.

    1. aikowolf

      I’m gonna go ahead and reup my stuff to google drive. Give me a day or 2 in that, I’ll add those links also see if you have better results.

    2. Camphor

      I was unable to copy or DL the separate info.txt, but got all of the info I needed from the music files.

      Not a problem per se with the music files, just had to figure it out. Opened the link that took me to mega-something, then DL the zip file from there.

      1. Ozymandias

        Understood. You got it right. You will need to do that for Aiko’s torrents only. For reason’s I won’t got into here he isn’t able to torrent the music right now. His work-around is to put the music on Mega and we DL it from there. An info.txt file does not come into play.

        When you get to, as you did, and open his *.txt file you’ll see that it contains a URL to an offshore file storage site named Mega-something. Download his zip file from the Mega page.

        These steps are necessary for Aiko’s posts/music because he is unable to torrent from his computer for the time being, as I said, therefore he puts his files on Mega as a zip file. I had problems DL from mega on my Firefox but it seems I am the only one. That’s why I asked the question you responded to. Thanks for your reply, I hope this info will help someone else because he’s sharing some some very nice bluegrass soon.

  38. aikowolf

    Looks like there maybe an issue or 2 with my mega uploads, one member reporting some weird things. Would appreciate if others are having problems please let me know what they are so I can try to rectify them on mega or get the stuff uploaded elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance,


        1. Bufford T Justice

          Dude… my AFC team is Da-Raydahs. HaHaHa (and both my boys’ faves)
          Cowboys are my “heart”.
          Impressions for life in the early 70’s.

          Michigan, Cowboys, Red Sox, Celtics, Flyers. FOR LIFE ❤

  39. Ozymandias

    If you want to see/hear a cool TX country Blues cat, dirty electric guitar or two, alt-country, [add description here], Ray Wylie Hubbard is streaming a covid show from Dallas environs. He and his son (e-lead) and drummer onstage, they burn, don’t singe your hair. Be aware it’s a Facebook deal but you don’t have to have a FB account (but your IP will be collected). 5-6 of his albums will make their way here, they were on the old site. He’s one of the reasons we’re still in TX. It’s a spiritual thang.

    It’s 40 minutes in, ’tis 8:40 Central right now, 6:40 Pacific.

    edit: merde ! 9:25 Gone

  40. Aikowolf

    I’m kind of back up over here – have one external working great and another running recovery now.

    Found the hot tuna I previously mentioned and the powers that be have it now.

    Going to get the Beatles 1966 budokan video to them this weekend.

    My Dillard’s still seem to be MIA though:(

    I did come across a couple multi disk sets from the Osbourne Brothers I have, some Bill Monroe sets and Flatt and Scruggs as well- don’t know I’d I had offered any or all of this before though???

  41. Bufford T Justice

    OZY – Please be safe as Laura approaches… I hope all precautions are in place for ya ♥
    Thinking of you and yours… AND OF COURSE ANY OTHERS, in our world here, THAT ARE IN THE PATH of Laura.

    1. Ozymandias

      Thanks Buford. We’re far enuff on the west side of houston that we should have rain that’s not too bad and ~40mph winds. Got huge oaks by the house trimmed this morning. After Harvey (55 inches of rain), this situation isn’t bad (knock on wood). Got supplies yesterday.

  42. Bufford T Justice

    Somebody get these guys a position at 1600 Pennsylvaia Ave. to figure this shit out!
    Then again, bad bosses are sometimes not worth it.
    A-Men Rm204 & OZY

    1. room204

      Hi JerryRocks,
      Well, the short answer is you’re given login credentials, and that’s about it. The long answer is that you’ll need to be able to learn how to use WordPress, plus a few other programs (to generate checksums, etc.). We can discuss further in email if you’d like:

    2. Ozymandias

      For <5GB at a time, wetransfer is the way. For more we can come up with another way. We'd love your contributions. We've got ~2000 titles we haven't reposted yet. We have pretty much all the GD/JG titles. But a duplicate or new rip is not a problem, it'll get moved close to the top of the queue. But what Room204 said....

      Just in case, we don't post tapers' torrents unless they are special or the artist is rarely recorded. We're outlaws. I recall only 3 in 5 1/2 years.

      Sorry, I didn't see your reply Room204.

  43. Bufford T Justice

    I know everyone has these recent posts from forever ago… I just gotta upload and fill in the gaps (here @ SG)… for our future…
    We are it.
    We are on our own.

    Our grandchildren will thank us for the right choices.

  44. Aikowolf

    I just heard today in 1982 The Wall movie premiered in London. I have a very nice copy of the soundtrack that was never released if anyone is interested . I have it on mega and not sure if I should post that link here or…???

    Also I have a PDF copy of Mary Trumps new book available as well . Not uploaded yet prefer to email or PM that link..PM at BCE or TTD sane user name. LL for those who don’t know is THepCat if you have my email you know that

      1. Aikowolf

        Looks like those 2 mentioned above will be available here soon but still feel free to contact me if you’d like… this quarantine shits been lonely. ✌️

  45. Ozymandias

    For anyone who has my email addy, I’m locked out of it. Google and I are butting heads over me getting access again.

    You can reach me at a similar addy, just delete the “.music’ part of old addy and I’ll get it.

      1. Ozymandias

        We got that cleared up now. My main addy is still good but my DOT MUSIC addy is what I was referring to. Just drop .music and proceed. Thanks. Or use my main addy if you have it, no problem doing that.

  46. Ike

    Hey gang, what with all this Americana music flowing we outta do a John Prine shrine sorta thing at some point. If you think it’s something you might like please let me know. I’ve got a bunch of John Prine I can share. If not, no sweat. Happy 4th!!! Stay safe. 🙂

    1. Ozymandias

      Ike, your John Prine sounds great. Can you wetransfer it to BTJ and he can transfer it to me. My site email addy is borked.

  47. BTJ

    Live Skynard Free Bird crankin on the deck.
    Happy weekend to my extended family ❤ ❤ ❤
    Great releases coming to second half of 2020.

    We’re lucky to live in the now, tons of great 50 year anniversary remasters and Deluxe editions coming over the next 2-5 years

    Peace always.
    Shit we’re lucky

  48. Ozymandias

    I need to make new torrent files for Electric on the Eel. I think only 1 person has DL’d it. I’ll step away a while and then put it back up. Please pardon the inconvenience.

    1. Ozymandias

      OK, I got things straightened out. These Eel sets came from Garcia Provisions Digital Downloads, with no info file. I have clarified this origin of the filesets on the torrent page.

      To the 1 person whop DLd the first set I put up, you should toss thos and DL these new sets. They are better tagged and one sequence error was fixed. I’m sorry for the hassle.

  49. Ozymandias

    Just a quick thanks to you all. We are very happy to see more DLers leave their torrents up to help latecomers get them easily.

    Like me, today. So thanks.

      1. room204

        The Road Trips were repacked in 2016 (or so), and this is just a repost. New torrent files were made, but nothing else was changed. Since we lost all of our old posts, we’re just trying to put as much back as quickly and easily as possible.

  50. Ozymandias

    Did you realize that if you turned Spidergawd upside down and looked at it in a mirror with the top tilted back 45 degrees you see the Spanish Rose?

  51. A Nonny Moose Is Loose In The Stacks

    Since there is an opportunity to re-invent wheels… A suggestion for formatting titles (the first line of stuff in bold that we see on the landing page):

    Artist – Title (Year/Remaster Year) – Media Source – Bit Rate/Sampling Rate. Obviously, there is room to flex on the Media Source (Broadcast, Pre-FM, CD, etc.)

    (for examples)

    The Spacelords – Liquid Sun (2016) – Download – 16/44.1

    Jethro Tull – This Was (1968/2018) – HDTracks – 24/96

    Bob Weir – Ace (1972) – Promo LP – 24/96

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I like that idea as well, but I also am noticing the “block” tags above the header on the landing page. If ya TAG Media, Release Years, Bits, etc… That might look pretty cool above the title… just throwing stones. LOL
      But at the same time we probably want that info on the main page header block to be accurate for visitors? “Eye-Candy”

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