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    Was thinking about how many posts were delivered over the years here @BOR. (Thank you kindly Admins & contributors – you know who you are)  🙂
    Although they are physically not here as eye candy, they are certainly NOT forgotten (or deleted). A true treasure chest amongst ‘heads.

    With new visitors hopefully coming down the road, or present ones that might not have gotten certain goods (releases), there may be a need for reseeds of previous treasures.

    I understand there is a Reseed page and just wondering if we should be letting folks know what’s out there? Or maybe people just saying to themselves… “hey, let me ask if they have this”, and request it?

    As far as discography goes (the vast ones). Thinking of a way to show what file-sets are available for future resurrection. Again, just thinking of the future.
    Whether it’s the GD, D&C, Beatles, Dylan, Coltrane, Van, Floyd, Jazz, etc… so many wonderful uploads and just thinking about keeping it alive and at our fingertips if needed.
    “We are it, we are on our own”


    Good idea.
    We’re working on recreating a kind of classic Library List just for this reason. Yes we have the music, we just need to get the links up somehow. It would probably be better for visitors to wait just a bit for that list with links to go up. For one, there are multiple posts (sources) of the same titles. It’s a work very much in progress.

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    Mr. Kotter

    First of all I must say I like the way the ‘new’ series have been put together.
    I’m referring to Road Trips, Download Series, Dick’s Picks and Dave’s Picks.

    I was wondering if I could be of any help here. Having DLed most if not all I thought that perhaps I could start the reseed of some of them. It is a huge list but one at a time, not too bad. If that’s a good idea I’m sure I can be found.

    Classroom 11


    We’ll catch you up with our plans. We are currently posting batches of the old torrents, some of the most important ones in in our opinions And some new non-Dead Family to keep BOR offerings varied.

    Eventually we’ll put up a text list of old torrents we haven’t yet reposted, around 2,000 of them. We will not write new torrent pages for these, that would take 5.5 years, ya know 8^). But these list items will be converted to links as they are requested based just on the torrent names.

    We’d like our new friends to be able to get them. We were blessed with generous contributors from the start. There are so many….

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