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    Hey my friends,
    the unthinkable happened, the unfortunate misfortune…. my ext hd crashed. Suddenly went from 96%health to 0% – please back up immediately…. only that there are so many errors on the disk that – while copying it – I noticed I will have to replace lots of the shows. Has all my GD & JGB files on it and then some….. I might have to ask you to reactivate some torrents in the future. For now I am painfully trying to retrieve what I can. What really sucks is that whenever the HD comes across a bad sector it freezes, so I have to switch it actually off and on again. Tried several ‘recover’ programs, but the results are the same, the HD freezes. Ah, oh well. Thanks for listening to a frustrated man 🙂


    Oh shit – I am sorry. That sucks.
    Let us know what you need from us to help rebuild your collection.


    Thanks room204. Will do. Still on the rescue mission.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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