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GarciaLive Volume 18: Keystone Berkeley November 2, 1974 [24-88] / Pitched

Artwork by Jerry Garcia

GarciaLive Volume 18: Keystone Berkeley November 2nd, 1974, presents the complete & previously uncirculated two-set Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders performance originally recorded to 1/4” analog reels by Betty Cantor Jackson.

Is there a more iconic venue for Garcia/Saunders than the Keystone Berkeley? The Bay Area haunt was the setting for the performances contained on the legendary Live at the Keystone releases & yielded at least a half-dozen other celebrated official live releases. Be it the quaint, unassuming setting or the proximity to home, magic never seemed to be in short supply – and this evening in November was no different. In addition to the ever-present John Kahn on bass, the rhythm section this evening was bolstered by one of the most in demand session drummers of his day, the great Paul Humphrey whose credits range from Marvin Gaye & Joe Cocker to the Lawrence Welk Show. Future Legion of Mary bandmate Martin Fierro rounds out the ensemble.

The performance itself is nothing short of exceptional, particularly the monstrous 1st set combination of “Valdez in the Country,” The Harder They Come,” & “You Can Leave Your Hat On” which destroy any notion of genre as Garcia, Saunders & co somehow fuse seemingly disparate originals by Donny Hathaway, Jimmy Cliff & Randy Newman into a sound all their own. After a brief set-break, the group returns for a super-charged 2nd set highlighted by extended versions of “Freedom Jazz Dance” & Merl’s own “Wondering Why” before closing the evening with a fiery “Mystery Train.” Always ones to stretch the bounds, you get the sense they would’ve gone all night if not for the venue’s pesky 2am curfew.

Recording: Betty-Cantor Jackson

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Track Listing:
Set 1

  1. Neighbor, Neighbor
  2. Valdez In The Country
  3. The Harder They Come
  4. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  5. That’s The Touch I Like

Set 2

  1. Freedom Jazz Dance
  2. Tough Mama
  3. Wondering Why >
  4. People Make The World Go Round
  5. Mystery Train


* Huge thanks to Rm204 for keeping us on our toes!

Garcia Family Provisions [24-88]

Jerry Garcia – electric guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders – keyboards, vocals
John Kahn – electric bass
Martin Fierro – saxophone, flute
Paul Humphrey – drums

14 thoughts on “GarciaLive Volume 18: Keystone Berkeley November 2, 1974 [24-88] / Pitched

  1. M-Dawg

    I’m not entirely well-versed in speed correcting by any means, but how is it that it seems that official releases are not set at the original speed?

    Second question, how do you guys figure this out? I feel like if you handed me volume 18 and said there it is, I would have been just fine with it ha.

    1. room204

      I can’t say why they don’t pay more attention to speed/pitch on official releases, but they don’t.
      As to how to determine how it’s off, often times just listening will tell me that it’s running slow or fast. Certain notes, like E and C really hit my ear if they aren’t properly tuned. Then it is a matter of playing along with the music and making slight adjustments until the music matches the instrument I’m playing. Some people use bass to check pitch, I prefer to use keyboards.
      And finally, AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, people who adjust pitch are just trying to get it closer. Often times, our opinions on pitch correction are treated as fact, which they aren’t. It’s subjective, but we’re trying.

      1. Bufford T Justice Post author

        The man, the myth, the legend.

        Folks will talk about you for centuries to come….
        🎹 🎸 🎧 ♪ ♫ 🎶 ♬

        1. Camphor

          Agree completely BTJ. 204 has a musician’s ear that he willingly shares with the community. I have enjoyed a ton of his work, and often didn’t realize how bad the commercial release was until I heard his version.

      2. M

        I appreciate your insight. I guess there is no real reason for GD records or Garica Family to really care, the releases sell like wildfire either way ha.

        Thanks again

  2. Astro

    Yes! Thanks for sharing this release. When this one was announced, I dove into some of the Nov. 74 east coast tour shows that I’d never explored before. Jerry Moore made some killer tapes of the NYC shows. Not tellin’ you boys anything you don’t already know, but this band knew a thing or two by this point.

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