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Halloween Soundtracks

Better early than late, I guess, is what ***** said. He said his majick is guaranteed to repel the nasty little sub-human mummers who will knock with booger-covered fingers, except in the highly desirable gated communities where the little buggers will be repelled by simple fixed bayonets, just for the gore. He has help enlisted (see above).

Nosferatu, The Vampyre – Soundtrack

Rosemary’s Baby – Soundtrack

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music to be Murdered By

Army Of Darkness – Soundtrack

Candyman – Soundtrack

Dawn Of The Dead (Unreleased) – Soundtrack

Day Of The Dead – Soundtrack

Dracula AD 1972 – Soundtrack

Elvira – Elvira Presents Vinyl Macabre

Friday The 13th – Soundtrack

Fright Night (Reissue) – Soundtrack

Mort Garson – Black Mass Lucifer

Night Of The Demons – Soundtrack

Night Of The Living Dead – Soundtrack

Pet Sematary – Soundtrack

Phantasm – Soundtrack

Prince Of Darkness – Soundtrack

Puppet Master (The Music Collection) – Soundtrack

Scream – Scream 2 – Soundtrack

Starry Eyes – Soundtrack

The Beyond – Soundtrack

The Exorcist – Soundtrack

The House Of The Devil – Soundtrack

The Howling – Soundtrack

The Omen – Soundtrack

The Thing – Soundtrack

The Walking Dead – Soundtrack

Tourist Trap – Soundtrack

Trick ‘R Treat – Soundtrack

Halloween Compilation [NEW]

A gift from a contributor. Thank you!And thanks OZY!!

9 thoughts on “Halloween Soundtracks

  1. Ozymandias Post author

    A bunch of titles have been added since last year. There were 5 or so then (I forget which ones). This is now for 2021. Enjoy the little Covid buggers, if any parents let them out of the house.

  2. Ozymandias Post author

    I think I see a faint orange glow in the sky tonight, getting brighter, and strains of the Ave Satani getting louder and louder and lou

  3. Aikowolf

    Nice! I’ve normally just put a bunch of One Of These Days and Careful With That Axe Eugene on loop loop play for the trick or treaters enjoyment the last few years. Last night was silent though.

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