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Jerry Garcia: Shining Star (2001) [16-44] / [24-44]

New artwork… compliments of a ‘Gawder

Jerry Garcia Band: Shining Star (Live 1989-1993)

Shining Star is the fourth live album, and fifth album overall, by the Jerry Garcia Band. A double CD, it was recorded at various concerts from 1989 to 1993.

While the Grateful Dead will always be considered Jerry Garcia’s primary outlet, the Jerry Garcia Band often proved the most musically satisfying of the two. Shining Star is a double-disc anthology featuring Garcia’s other band, and is comprised entirely of cover tunes derived from concert recordings made between 1989 and 1993. The late ’80s and early ’90s were sporadic in terms of performance consistency for the Grateful Dead; however, ‘the Jerry band’ – as Deadheads refer to this aggregate – proved to be vibrant, funky, and alarmingly agile.

Though the music contained on Shining Star – the latest release by the Jerry Garcia Band and the second two-disc set from the group in two months – was recorded between 1989 and 1993, it is presented in such a way as to create a ‘new’ concert. The seamlessness of the package is remarkable, and each track is first-rate, top-notch Garcia‚Ķ. Shining Star joins 1997’s How Sweet It Is and the band’s 1991 self-titled double disc as essential recordings for anyone interested in Garcia’s longstanding side project. What’s more – each of these packages is unique, without a single song repeated‚Ķ. So, which one of the three packages is the best? Undoubtedly it’s Shining Star.

Soundboard – John Cutler
Mastering – Jeffrey Norman

Release Date: March 21, 2001

Track Listing:

  1. Shining Star (November 15, 1991)
  2. He Ain’t Give You None (July 31, 1992)
  3. I Second That Emotion (September 6, 1989)
  4. Money Honey (July 24, 1992)
  5. Strugglin’ Man (July 29, 1992)
  6. Russian Lullaby (November 12, 1990)
  7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (April 17, 1993)
  8. Let’s Spend The Night Together (November 16, 1991)
  9. Mississippi Moon (September 1, 1989)
  10. Let It Rock (September 6, 1989)
  11. When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (April 23, 1993)
  12. Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox (October 31, 1992)
  13. Positively 4th Street (April 18, 1993)
  14. The Maker (April 23, 1993)
  15. Midnight Moonlight (Sept 2, 1989)



14 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia: Shining Star (2001) [16-44] / [24-44]

  1. SkyWithFlame

    Thanks to everyone like Buford T Justice for making this site so alive and vibrant! I’ve always been very grateful, and the pace really has picked-up lately. Thanks again!

    As much as I love Jerry and them other people, this cover art is in the category:
    “Jim, you got better things to look at”

    I don’t recall ever looking at it this closely because I had the CD and that was close enough. I LOVED the double live 1990 jgb cover. I think John Kahn painted it and it’s what he sees over time looking at us from the stage. It was hilarious even if that part of the story is wrong.

    But this one? I doubt Jerry would let it get past him. And as long as I’m on this rant, all the covers on Dave’s picks or any of them with skeletons doing different shit look like something I’d buy down at Venice Beach, or a parking lot T-shirt.
    I used to love their covers: Blues For Allah, Mars Hotel, Tiger Rose, even all those freaky eyeballs on the Touch of Gray album.
    I just think I needed to tell the world all about it.

    In case anyone ever DOES want to know my opinion, they don’t have to wait around and ask.