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Jethro Tull – A Passion Play (1973) (2014) (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) [24-96]

This album is a single continuous track, although the original record had a seperation point between the first and second sides. “The Story of the Hare Who Lost HIs Spectacles”, a sub-section of the album, marks where side 2 began.

The band, founded in 1967, still has an exceptional status in the music scene. One reason for this is surely frontman Ian Anderson’s ever-present flute, his distinctive voice, and the band’s sophisticated songwriting. On top were Jethro Tull were very versatile and Anderson always knew how to bring out one or the other side of the band to the extreme Side of the band to the extreme. With “A Passion Play” from the year 1973 we experience the excessive climax of the complex progressive rock phase of the Band. After “Thick As A Brick”, which is universally acknowledged as ingenious – also a complex, but in comparison still catchy, progressive rock album – now came the “excess the “excess”, so to speak. “A Passion Play” is very pompous, with radio play passages with jazzy outbursts, which one has never heard from Tull before, complex, full of rhythm and tempo changes. And that’s why not a few fans consider it the Masterpiece of the band

In 2014 the album was remixed by producer Steven Wilson and authorized by Ian Anderson himself . With a remix, one often has the experience that the original original character of the music is distorted, especially when there is a sudden Especially when in the re-release there is suddenly a dynamic and clarity in the recordings which the recording technology at the time of the release of the original album did not yet did not offer. However, Steven Wilson did not do that here, so this album remains album is completely preserved in its charisma and its character and its character. Steven Wilson has disassembled everything into its individual parts and somehow completely dusted off.

Release Date: June 26, 2015

Track Listing:

Act I Ronnie Pilgrim’s Funeral: A Winter’s Morning In The Cemetery

  1. Lifebeats/Prelude
  2. The Silver Cord
  3. Re-Assuring Tune
    Act II The Memory Bank: A Small But Comfortable Theatre With A Cinema Screen – The Next Morning
  4. Memory Bank
  5. Best Friends
  6. Critique Oblique
  7. Forest Dance #1
  8. The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles
    Act III The Business Office Of G. Oddie And Son – Two Days Later
  9. Forest Dance #2
  10. The Foot Of Our Stairs
  11. Overseer Overture
    Act Magus Perdé’s Drawing Room At Midnight
  12. Flight From Lucifer
  13. 10:08 To Paddington
  14. Magus Perdé
  15. Epilogue


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