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Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Market Square Arena 1986 (2022) [16-44]

In July 1986, Neil Young released his 15th Studio album, Landing On Water. Recorded without Crazy Horse and to little great acclaim, the record only reached No.46 on the Billboard chart. But young re-united with the mighty Horse for the subsequent tour and his next record Life. And while Landing On Water was generally considered to be lack-lustre, the tour was anything but. Performing only a couple of numbers from the recent release, set-lists were made up from NY classics and tracks from recent releases, largely resulting in a number of shows considered by fans to be some of the best Neil and Crazy Horse ever performed. And when the band’s tour bus pulled up outside The Market Square Arena in Indiana, on 23rd October ’86, one such show was about to take place. Among the best gigs of the whole tour, the concert was broadcast across local FM Radio, and remains a live spectacular performance, even 35 years since it was performed.

For the first time, fans are now able to share in a stunning concert by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, previously unavailable.

Market Square Arena – Indianapolis, IN October 23,1986
Release Date: 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Mr. Soul 5:48
  2. Cinnamon Girl 3:13
  3. When You Dance, I Can Really Love 4:14
  4. Touch The Night 5:36
  5. Down By The River 8:36
  6. Too Lonely 6:19
  7. Heart Of Gold 3:05
  8. Inca Queen 7:00
  9. After The Gold Rush 3:49
  10. Drive Back 5:08
  11. Opera Star 6:25
  12. Road Of Plenty 5:58
  13. Cortez The Killer 11:13
  14. Sample And Hold 6:03
  15. Computer Age 6:01
  16. Violent Side 4:25
  17. Mideast Vacation 4:35
  18. Long Walk Home 6:40
  19. The Needle And The Damage Done 2:28
  20. Hippie Dream 4:58
  21. Powderfinger 5:21
  22. Hurricane 8:04
  23. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 9:09
  24. Prisoners Of Rock & Roll 4:22



One thought on “Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Market Square Arena 1986 (2022) [16-44]

  1. John Hell

    I got to see Neil and Crazy Horse a few times, the first when I was 16 in November 1986 at Cow Palace outside of San Francisco. This show was also beamed via satellite to homes in Canada. I still have the t-shirt from that show!

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