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Ozzy Osbourne – Discography (1980-1991) Remastered [24-96]

By Request: John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne (December 3, 1948) is an English singer, songwriter, and television personality. He rose to prominence during the 1970s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, during which period he adopted the nickname “Prince of Darkness”.

Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979 due to alcohol and drug problems, but went on to have a successful solo career, releasing 12 studio albums, the first seven of which received multi-platinum certifications in the US. Osbourne has since reunited with Black Sabbath on several occasions. He rejoined in 1997 and helped record the group’s final studio album, 13 (2013), before they embarked on a farewell tour that ended with a February 2017 performance in their hometown, Birmingham. His longevity and success have earned him the informal title “Godfather of Metal”.

Osbourne’s total album sales from his years in Black Sabbath, combined with his solo work, is over 100 million. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Black Sabbath and into the UK Music Hall of Fame as a solo artist and as a member of the band. He has been honoured with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Birmingham Walk of Stars. At the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, he received the Global Icon Award. In 2015, Osbourne received the Ivor Novello Award for Lifetime Achievement from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

Album Listings:
Blizzard Of Ozz (1980) 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition
Diary of a Madman (1981)
Bark At The Moon (1983)
The Ultimate Sin (1986)
No Rest For The Wicked (1988)
No More Tears (1991)

Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz (1980) 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition (2020) [24-44]

Blizzard of Ozz is the debut studio album by British heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, released on 20 September 1980 in the UK and on 27 March 1981 in the US. The album was Osbourne’s first release following his firing from Black Sabbath in 1979. Blizzard of Ozz is the first of two studio albums Osbourne recorded with guitarist Randy Rhoads prior to Rhoads’ death in 1982. In 2017, it was ranked 9th on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”.

Track Listing:

  1. I Don’t Know (5:15)
  2. Crazy Train (4:53)
  3. Goodbye to Romance (5:36)
  4. Dee (0:50)
  5. Suicide Solution (4:18)
  6. Mr. Crowley (5:03)
  7. No Bone Movies (3:52)
  8. Revelation (Mother Earth) (6:09)
  9. Steal Away (The Night) (3:30)
  10. You Looking at Me, Looking at You (4:14)
  11. Goodbye to Romance (2010 Guitar & Vocal Mix) (5:48)
  12. RR (Outtake from “Blizzard Of Ozz” Sessions) (1:14)
  13. I Don’t Know (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (4:57)
  14. Crazy Train (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (5:28)
  15. Mr. Crowley (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (6:38)
  16. Revelation (Mother Earth) (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (6:06)
  17. Steal Away (The Night) (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (8:03)
  18. Suicide Solution (Live from Blizzard Of Ozz tour) (7:36)
  19. You Said It All (Live) (4:07)

HD Tracks [24-44]

Ozzy Osbourne – Diary of a Madman (1981) (2014) Remastered [24-96]

Diary of a Madman is the second studio album by British rock musician Ozzy Osbourne, which was recorded between February 9 and March 23, 1981, which coincides with the end of winter in the UK and the end of recording in day of spring equinox. The album was released on November 7, 1981, and reissued on August 22, 1995. An alternative version appeared in 2002.

Track Listing:

  1. Over the Mountain
  2. Flying High Again
  3. You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll
  4. Believer
  5. Little Dolls
  6. Tonight
  7. SATO
  8. Diary of a Madman

HD Tracks [24-96]

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon (1983) (2014) (Remastered) [24-96]

Bark at the Moon is the third studio album by British heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, originally released on 15 November 1983. A commercial success, Bark at the Moon peaked at number 19 on the Billboard album chart and within several weeks of release was certified gold for over 500,000 sales in the United States. To date, it has sold over 3,000,000 copies in the United States. In the UK, it was the third of four Osbourne albums to attain silver certification (60,000 units sold) by the British Phonographic Industry, achieving this in January 1984. The album was remastered on CD in 1995 and again (with a different mix) in 2002. This is Osbourne’s first album to feature guitarist Jake E. Lee and only studio album to feature drummer Tommy Aldridge.

Track Listing:

  1. Bark At The Moon (4:17)
  2. You’re No Different (5:03)
  3. Now You See It (Now You Don’t) (5:06)
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel (5:28)
  5. Center Of Eternity (5:25)
  6. So Tired (3:59)
  7. Slow Down (4:19)
  8. Waiting For Darkness (5:18)
  9. Spiders (bonus track ) (4:26)
  10. One Up The ‘B’ Side (Bonus Track) (3:24)

HD Tracks [24-96]

Ozzy Osbourne – The Ultimate Sin (1986) (2014) Remastered [24-96]

The Ultimate Sin was recorded in 1985 by Ozzy Osbourne and released in February of 1986. It was produced by Ron Nevison and was the final appearance of lead guitarist Jake E. Lee with Osbourne. The album was Osbourne’s highest charting studio album, being awarded Platinum status by the RIAA in May 1986. As of 1994 it has been certified Double Platinum, with total sales in the US exceeding 2 million copies.

Track Listing:

  1. The Ultimate Sin (3:44)
  2. Secret Loser (4:08)
  3. Never Know Why (4:27)
  4. Thank God for the Bomb (3:52)
  5. Never (4:20)
  6. Lightning Strikes (5:13)
  7. Killer of Giants (5:42)
  8. Fool Like You (5:19)
  9. Shot in the Dark (4:16)

HD Tracks [24-96]

Ozzy Osbourne – No Rest For The Wicked (1988) (2014) Remastered [24-96]

No Rest for the Wicked is the fifth studio album by English heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on September 28, 1988, and was re-issued / remastered on August 22, 1995, and again on June 25, 2002. The album was certified gold in December 1988 and has since gone double platinum. It peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 200. It was the first album to feature guitarist Zakk Wylde, keyboardist John Sinclair and the first to feature bassist Bob Daisley since Bark at the Moon.

Bassist/lyricist Bob Daisley made his return to Osbourne’s band after the two had a falling out in 1985. Once the album’s recording was complete, Daisley was once again out, replaced by Osbourne’s former Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler for subsequent promotional tours.

Track Listing:

  1. Miracle Man (3:44)
  2. Devil’s Daughter (Holy War) (5:15)
  3. Crazy Babies (4:15)
  4. Breakin ‘All The Rules (5:15)
  5. Bloodbath In Paradise (5:03)
  6. Fire In The Sky (6:24)
  7. Tattooed Dancer (3:54)
  8. Demon Alcohol (4:30)
  9. Hero (4:49)
  10. The Liar (4:32 )
  11. Miracle Man (Live) (3:49)

HD Tracks [24-96]

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears (1991) (2014) Remastered [24-96]

No More Tears is the sixth solo studio album by English heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. Released on 17 September 1991, the album charted at number 17 on the UK Albums Chart and number seven on the US Billboard 200 albums chart. No More Tears spawned four singles which reached the top ten of the US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, including the number two “Mama, I’m Coming Home”, and the Grammy-winning track “I Don’t Want to Change the World”. Along with 1980’s Blizzard of Ozz it is one of Osbourne’s two best-selling solo albums in North America, having been certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA and double platinum by CRIA. It was Osbourne’s final album to feature drummer Randy Castillo and longtime bassist and songwriter Bob Daisley.

Track Listing:

  1. Mr. Tinkertrain 5:57
  2. I Don’t Want to Change the World 4:06
  3. Mama, I’m Coming Home 4:12
  4. Desire 5:46
  5. No More Tears 7:25
  6. Won’t Be Coming Home (SIN) 4:47
  7. Hellraiser 4:53
  8. Time After Time 4:20
  9. Zombie Stomp 6:13
  10. AVH 4:13
  11. Road to Nowhere 5:13
  12. Don’t Blame Me 5:00
  13. Party with the Animals 4:18

HD Tracks [24-96]

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