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Pink Floyd: Hey, Hey, Rise Up! (flac) [24-96]

Hey, Hey, Rise Up!

Single by Pink Floyd featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk of BoomBox
Released 8 April 2022
Recorded 2022

“Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” (also written “Hey Hey Rise Up”) is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released as a single on 8 April 2022, based on a 1914 Ukrainian song and featuring vocals in Ukrainian by Andriy Khlyvnyuk. It is the first new music recorded by Pink Floyd since 1994.

The recording features the vocals of Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the band BoomBox, who had recorded an a capella version of a 1914 Ukrainian anthem, “Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow” (Ukrainian: Ой у лузі червона калина), which Stepan Charnetskii wrote to commemorate the Sich Riflemen. Khlyvnyuk videoed his performance in Sofiyskaya Square, Kyiv, and posted the video on Instagram. Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour—whose son Charlie is married to the Ukrainian artist Janina Pedan—saw the Instagram post, and was inspired to record something in support of Ukraine in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. He contacted drummer Nick Mason, and suggested they should record something using the Pink Floyd name. Khlyvnyuk, while recovering from shrapnel wounds sustained in defence of Ukraine, gave Gilmour his blessing to use the vocals. Gilmour wrote extra music, in order to include a guitar solo.

The music was recorded on 30 March 2022 at Gilmour’s home, by band members Gilmour and Mason, with Guy Pratt, bassist with Pink Floyd since 1987, and keyboardist Nitin Sawhney. It was Sawhney’s first work with Pink Floyd. Gala Wright, the daughter of late-Pink Floyd keyboardist and founding member Richard Wright, was also present during the recording.

The title of the song is from the last line of “Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow”, ‘Hey, hey, rise up and rejoice’. A video for the song was directed by Mat Whitecross, also on 30 March, on a set designed by Pedan. In the video, Mason’s drums are decorated with reproductions of a painting by Maria Primachenko, a Ukrainian artist, several of whose works were destroyed in a fire caused by Russian shelling during the invasion. The single’s artwork depicts a band logotype (in the style of Gerald Scarfe’s lettering for The Wall) patterned after the Ukrainian flag alongside a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, in a painting by Cuban artist Yosan Leon.


10 thoughts on “Pink Floyd: Hey, Hey, Rise Up! (flac) [24-96]

  1. jack frost

    Thanks for this upload fellas/ladies. Such beauty from war! Yet only one thing can be said of the Pain is, “that it should stop”;

    soon come peace

  2. DeadNZ

    Thanks Ozy for sharing your mind. I totally agree that we’ve got a long strange trip to peace before us. Like in Star Trek values and ethics.
    And so I think, yes on an individual level you might find people with these values already around (like here), but we are spots wide and far apart. To get to that global change or expansion of consciousness, to see that we are indeed all brothers and sisters and that WAR is a pretty fucked up thing, we certainly have to go through that experience of education around power trips and narcissism. One of my fav authors ‘Robert Anton Wilson’ talks in his book ‘The Citadel’ in detail about the psychological make up of people who do anything to get to power, and who are so self absorbed in their righteousness, they don’t give a shit about anything but what they deem right. So Wilson comes up, or better to say uses the term ‘maybe logic’. That goes back to Korzybski who wrote an amazing book about Semantics. Anyway, that ‘maybe logic’ is what we really need more of: Instead of using fixed mindsets ( I am right – you are wrong) try using: “In my opinion this is ABCD”, which he says will open up space for discussion and is not an attack on the other person. I try to teach that approach to my clients … and sometimes it works. 🙂
    Anyway. Gotta go now.

    1. Ozymandias

      Oh, Man! RAW. My gf and I were into the Trilogies in college a century ago. That lead to Kabbalah and Zohar and TOLife and Rosies, and Illuminati, of course. I seem to recall the nervous conclusion that he was a Prankster, with a capital “P.” You never could trust what he said. The tragic fate of his daughter also comes to mind, and all sorts of paranoias. Remember, I said this was college a century ago. I admit that has colored my opinion for much to long. Upon your recommendation it’s worth a return visit to his later works. I have not read of the idea of “maybe-logic.” Sounds like dialectic.

      But, then, there’s the saying, “Once a Prankster, always a Prankster.” 8^)

    2. Ozymandias

      “Korzybski who wrote an amazing book about Semantics.”

      New to me, I’ll look him up.

  3. Robert Nesta Marley

    +1 BTJ! Just read about this song today and wanted to hear this! Thx Room204!
    I hope this terrible war ends soon – and the good people of Ukraine get home to families and loved ones safely! Why throughout history has humankind chosen to fight with one another? We as human on planet earth need to rise above and become one people – all of us are brothers and sisters – one love!

    ” That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace
    World citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued
    But never attained
    Now everywhere is war “

    1. Ozymandias

      My take on why war and what will be required long-term for its eradication.

      We are still re-actively tribal and territorial. Then there are the personality disorders (narcissism, like one of Putin’s and Trump’s several disorders) that come to the fore when a tribe is under stress by attack. And then there’s the full-blow mental illnesses that can deliver strong aggression without triggers, like bipolar spectrum. Aggression is what maintained tribal identity for 10s or 100s of thousands of years. And it expanded a tribe’s territory. That’s genetic dominance – they survived; that’s why it hasn’t been selected out over 100k years. We were still tribal not very long ago. There is no reason to think it will be be changed in a few hundred years. Without a certain size population of these protective people a tribal society was subsumed by another.

      The Dead were a bubble unfortunately. I probably should say rathrHunter with MKUltra product.and maybe Owsley (but definitely his product) because there wae plenty of personality disorders and aggression in the outer circle (read: roadies, maybe more). The bubble grew with the extended family, but also grew thinner. That has also burst into visible but smaller and small & hidden fragments that occasionally come together at small and large festivals, back to the future with communes, perhaps, and on the internet. So they aren’t going to disappear, of course.

      Maybe when we achieve Star Trek mentality….

      But that will have to overcome the Thunderdome mentality. And that, in itself will require development of overwhelming weaponry that the Thunderdome intellect will find difficult to develop because of failures in physics and engineering requiring collaboration amongst themselves.

      And so, as we know, the rate of advancement depends on alterations in the brain accelerated by entheogens. It can be accomplished in one night for one individual. But I’m not speaking of anything close to enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness (tho that can be almost instantaneous for some, I’ve read). I’m speaking of realization of an ethical life.

      But it’ll take so much more than peace, love and understanding. It’ll take, the goal of peace (enforced by weaponry unimagined today) and the understanding of how damaging tribal thought is to peace, the love of science enough to stop destruction of our environment and to find ways to feed the surviving population (and yes, GMO foods sources will be essential) and understanding of the hard sciences (STEM) to develop that weaponry and environmental engineering and space travel.

      My humble opinion. I’m sincere in that. To get a grip on it take a far-reaching vision. “My mind [just] has a mind of its own.” -Butch Hancock

    1. Camphor

      “My mind has a mind of its own”. So does Ozy’s, and its a pretty good mind. Thanks for this.

      1. Ozymandias

        Gotta point out that’s a lyric penned by Butch Hancock and recorded by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, both of the legendary TX/Austin/Lubbock band The Flatlanders.

        Butch is one of the few musicians who tend to make me want to bow my head in greeting. We hear him lots in Houston and Austin at tiny rooms. And he and his sond Rory are river guides for Far Flung Adventures, including the Colorado thru the Big Bend, with their music ’round the campfire at night. See the recent utube thread at LL

        Sorry for the Hijack, Rm204.