Box of Rain

Please include as much info as you can, and we’ll do our level best to move these to the top of our list.

634 thoughts on “Re-Seeds

    1. Ozymandias

      These have been seeding quite a while. Let me know if you get the Garcia but not this one. My client is approaching its limit. Double check things on your end and if no flow I’ll trim my client’s queue.

    1. room204

      They are seeded on my end. I put all three up this morning and it looks like 8/27 worked, but no movement on the other two. You do have the torrent files open in your client, right?

  1. cliftonhanger

    Was wondering if I could get seeds on:
    Dead & Company 2021-08-16 Coastal Credit Union Music Park, Raleigh, NC (mp4)
    Dead & Company 2021-08-27 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY (mp4)
    Dead & Company 2021-09-07 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Fall, OH [mp4]

      1. cmore

        Thanks for the help with the re-seeds, Ozy. That first one (Comes A Time) is still not seeding. I have a green light on the tracker and I can see 1 peer connected but it is not seeding. When you get a second can you please check on your end. No hurry. Thanks

    1. Robert Nesta Marley

      failed to add the full details : (to the above request)
      Not sure how i missed this – my bad – but thanks if someone can help – if not – all good ๐Ÿ™‚

      Nirvana – In Utero (24-192) remastered

      1. Robert Nesta Marley

        Thank you to whomever the kind soul that got me all fixed up w that last Nirvana! really appreciate that!! good gawd this place ROCKZ!

    1. Ozymandias

      I don’t find the 192 on my disks, I probably didn’t DL it. Someone should come along…

      If you don’t get a link let me know. I’m out of touch with them at the moment but I know 2 of the DLers

        1. Ozymandias

          Fantastic TGOGD for helping out medinaray. I don’t DL all 96-192s.

          Lemonheads. That anything like Pleemheads? Alt-rockers, what’s that? Something out of the Great PNW? I’m closer to alt-country than alt.-rockers. But I do love Albert Lee’s version of Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). He owns it.

          Now. when it comes to alt-Country Rockers I get all confused.

          Referring to a comment you made a while back, me into Reconstruction?, yes, as in restoring my collection with digi copies of my vinyl collected before ’84. The other Reconstruction… only in small doses.

          1. TGOGD

            Ozy! You betcha on the seed, and the 96-192s are massive so I don’t blame ya, still no bite on that one and it’s a whopping 5.1GB. Now to the good stuff. Evan Dando from The Lemonheads is kinda Alt-country at this stage in the game. You might dig him. Coulda sworn I saw your ozymandias handle grabbing Replacements and the like over on one of them other websites.. so maybe that’s why I thought you was an alt-rocker type a guy. And by alt-rock I mean anything other than top 40 / mainstream puke. ie The Lemonheads, Replacements, Husker Du, Minutemen, Blake Babies, Afghan Whigs, Uncle Tupelo… you know 80s – 90s alternative / indie rock stuff. If you do happen to collect them thar types of bands, hit me up. Cause I like them thar type of bands and I like to collect them thar types of bands and listen to them and I’ve got a bunch and want MORE. Picture Bill K on Nitrous when you read that.. MORE>>>>>> ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Ozymandias

            You’ll get a bite on that seed. Brother Ray is dealing with tropical storm residue, I’d imagine.

  2. cmore

    Good morning, can I get a reseed on some Rush please

    Rush – A Farewell To Kings (1977) (2015) Remastered [24-192].torrent

    Rush – Hemispheres (1978) (2015) Remastered [24-192].torrent

    Rush – Moving Pictures (1981) (2015) Remastered [24-192].torrent

    Rush – Exit..Stage Left (1981) (2015) Remastered [24-48].torrent

    much thanks, have a great day

  3. hiya hiya hiya kidz can u hear me?

    i could use a reseed on Deadbase 50 and the 3 volumes of the compendium. I have all in hard copy but a digicopy should would be nice. Thanks.

  4. Copperdomebodhi

    Could I please get a hand with these?

    The Rolling Stones โ€“ Goats Head Soup (1973) (2020) Deluxe Edition [24-96] [16-44]

    The Rolling Stones โ€“ Some Girls (1978) (Deluxe Edition) [24-88]

    The Rolling Stones โ€“ Exile on Main St (1972) Special Edition SHM-CD (2010) Remastered [16-44]

  5. cmore

    Good morning, May I get some Rush re-seeds please

    Rush (1974) (2015) Remastered [24-192]

    Fly By Night (1975) 40th Anniversary Edition (2015) Remastered [24-96]

    Caress Of Steel (1975) (2015) Remastered [24-192]

    2112 (1976) 40th Anniversary (2015) Remastered [24-192]

    All The Worldโ€™s A Stage (1976) 40th Anniversary (2015) Remastered [24-192]

    Thank you!

  6. 22Kickturns

    Could you be so kind as to re-include Pink Floyd: Rhapsody in Pink, 1969-1971, the BBC Sessions?
    Would much appreciate!

  7. ireadstuff

    EBook reseed request. Please reseed the scans of all the Golden Road magazines and Too Much is Never Enough by Trumps sister.

    1. Ozymandias

      If my copy is acceptable, it’s seeding now. You don’t have the torrent loaded in you client, tho. I don’t have the box scans.

      1. TGOGD

        I can’t find another link to BBC, only the one listed above, which is loaded in me client. Do you have a link to your copy as I’m sure it’s more than acceptable ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thanks Ozy!
        Plus can we talk about the Replacements? I think you’re a fan.

        1. TGOGD

          Actually, I see there’s a seed now, but nothing is coming through. What the heckin’ heck is going on here? John? Paul? George? Ringo?
          Help! I need somebody.. not just anybody.
          Never Mind (Replacements) it just kicked in ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. TGOGD

            Blowing up the ol reseeds chatter. Thanks Ozy!
            It’s rolling.
            Uh, I think I want all them thar Beatley things that I don’t have.
            Eyeballying –
            Sgt. Pepper Deluxe 16 bit (2017) –
            White Album Deluxe 16 bit (2018) –
            Abbey Road Deluxe 16 bit (2019) –

            If it’s All Too Much you don’t have too… but with a little help from my friends I might get high, or by, or maybe both?

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I just sent up the Scans, but AikoWolf up’d this torrent and I can’t find it on my HD.
      Let it run and go smoke a bowl and walk your dog… betcha it will be there like magic soon after…

      1. TGOGD

        Okay, if you say so.. then that is the plan. I was gonna wait until a little later, but now that you mention it, that sounds far out. Thanks BTJ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Mr. Kotter

    Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July.

    Yeah, itโ€™s the birthday of the good olโ€™ USA, and we got a good bit of growing up to do. I canโ€™t help but to think that racism in 2021, really? We canโ€™t do better? Does one of our political parties really need to embrace it so closely to get re-elected, and if so is that a belief/philosophy you (Representative or Senator) want to impose on this country?

    Some of them, yes. ๐Ÿ˜” But many I believe are just afraid of โ€ฆ NOT BEING RE-ELECTED!
    Oh the shame.

    I do believe we, as a country, will find our way.

    Teach your children well


    And know they love you. (CSN)

    Check my pulse
    It donโ€™t change
    Stays 72
    Come rain or shine

    Iโ€™ll drink your health
    Share your wealth
    Run your life
    Iโ€™ll steal your wife

    Be good,
    Happy 4th of July to aLL

  9. gankmore

    I have bunch of torrents stuck at zero

    Telluride uncut sets
    Telluride watchhouse
    Telluride string dusters
    Miles legendary prestige
    Petty Angel.

    Appreciate any help. Sorry I didn’t jump on these fast enough. Sorry to slow the group down.

    1. Ozymandias

      The whole torrent is seeded. You can pick out the resolution you want using your client. Or, it’s not really big.


  10. JerryRocks

    Can someone please re-seed Elvis Presley 20 Original Albums (1956-1977) (2012) [16-44]? Many thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Bufford T Justice

      Cannot torrent it right now but sending your way.
      Email sent @JR.

      If anyone else needs it sent via email, lemme know

      1. Silver Stream

        Thank you again Oz. Iโ€™m looking forward to listening to some early Elton when it was all about the music to him.
        Silver Stream

        1. Ozymandias

          You’re very welcome. I’m sure you’ll want to continue working yourself backwards from Honky Chateau.

          Glad you found your way here.

          1. TGOGD

            Hot Damn! Nothing more fun than coming home to this.
            It’s happy time, Thanks Brother!

    1. TGOGD

      Thanks Ozy & DeadNZ for earlier request. Woot, you all think this one is better than Cornell? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  11. amadeusvivaldi

    Any chance for help on reseeding the complete Philips Mozart recordings and the Vivaldi – Perlman – The Four Seasons (2015) [24-96]
    Thank you.

  12. room204

    The Dylan monos, and JG doing Dylan, etc. will be reseeded tomorrow, I bet (if it hasn’t been already).
    If stuff has been grabbed, it’s helpful when we know that your reseed request has been filled. Or at least it’s helpful to a guy, like me, who doesn’t always respond to the daily activity around here.

  13. JWH

    Could I get a re-seed of the mono versions of the early Dylan albums?

    1962 Bob Dylan mono 24-96
    1963 The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan Original mono
    1964 The Times They are a Changing’ Mono 24-96
    1964 Another Side of Bob Dylan Mono 24-44
    1965 Bringing It all back home Mono 24-44
    1965 Highway 61 Revisited Mono 24-96
    1966 Blonde on Blonde Mono 24-96
    1967 John Wesley Harding Mono 24-96
    1969 Nashville Skyline Mono 24-44 Vinyl

    Thank you.

    1. JWH

      Here are the individual links if it helps.

      1962 Bob Dylan mono 24-96

      1963 The Freewheelinโ€™ Bob Dylan Original mono

      1964 The Times They are a Changingโ€™ Mono 24-96

      1964 Another Side of Bob Dylan Mono 24-44

      1965 Bringing It all back home Mono 24-44

      1965 Highway 61 Revisited Mono 24-96

      1966 Blonde on Blonde Mono 24-96

      1967 John Wesley Harding Mono 24-96

      1969 Nashville Skyline Mono 24-44 Vinyl

      1. TGOGD

        Aces BTJ!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Gonna hang with room204 today, and geek out.
        Only been a year or so since my last get together…
        Wish you, Ozy, Aiko, JH & all the regulars could come hang too.
        Then we could all get T-shirts like the Zephyr skate team ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. sneeks

    Ok my bad. I was requesting a reseed on the torrent page. I did not realize there was a whole page dedicated to just that, my apologies.

    I am looking for reseeds of the following…

    I was only able to download the following taper sections sbd’s…I need the rest.


    Much appreciated…Thank you!!

    1. Bufford T Justice

      Let the new CSN&Y get some seeders and then I’ll put them up for you.
      Cue ’em up in your client my brother โค

      1. TGOGD

        Thanks for the Up BTJ.
        So much good stuff, can’t even stop.
        Was trying to stay focused, but you guys are killing it this week. Now youโ€™re bringing on John Hell.
        Oh Hell, This Love Supreme is dope. Time for the weekend you all!

  15. TGOGD

    Morning! Anybody able to re-seed the following GD Daveโ€™s Picks –

    Dave’s Picks 18 – Orpheum Theatre 1976 (Remastered) [24-44]
    Missing Encore –

    Daveโ€™s Picks Vol. 35 – Speed Corrected HDCD Decoded [24-44]

    And still hoping for these GD Beauties as well if theyโ€™re around –
    American Beauty DVD Remaster by Mickey –

    AB 50th – Port Chester, NY 2-18-71 Bonus (2020) [24-96] P

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention!

    1. Ozymandias

      I’ll check out my archive later. But all should know that a comment with more that two links goes automatically in the “needs moderation” queue and so may get held up. There’s a chance it will get deleted if it stays in moderation too long. That probably won’t happen, but there is a chance. Getting a lot of spam recently taught us this. We get it instead of you. This is WordPress’s operation, proceed accordingly.

      Mickeys DVD-A remaster is now seeded. A great one! IMO. Also, the others are seeded except the Port Chester.

      1. TGOGD

        Good to know Ozymandias.
        Excited to hear Mickey’s remaster, been curious about that for a bit.
        Thanks for Rockin’!

  16. TGOGD

    I just got to say, I’m really Enjoying this site.
    I think it’s the best thing on the web ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s a REAL American Beauty!

    Say, speaking of American Beauty, any of these beauties hanging around?
    American Beauty DVD Remaster by Mickey –

    AB 50th – Port Chester, NY 2-18-71 Bonus (2020) [24-96] Pitched

    American Beauty (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2020) [24-96]

    In all sincerity, thank you for what you do!
    Spreading happiness is admirable work.

  17. TGOGD

    @ Ozymandias Thank YOU!

    Happy to make it easy for ya, esp since I been blowing up the re-seeds.

    Super stoked! Thanks for the 4 big chunks too. That’s alot Ka-Pow!

    Now enjoy that Tea & Good Morning.

    1. Ozymandias

      3 comin’ your way.


      And thanks for including the links in your posts. That makes it an absolute breeze to load the titles, even before I have morning tea and wake up.

  18. TGOGD

    Anybody able to reseed some Dickโ€™s Picks for me?

    Dickโ€™s Picks Vol 3 – LP 180g (24) –

    Dickโ€™s Picks – Complete!
    Iโ€™d take the 4 chunks or can do the individual shows. Just LMK whatโ€™s easier for you.

    Hereโ€™s the 4 chunks links –
    Pt 1 –
    Pt 2 –
    Pt 3 –
    Pt 4 –

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention!

    Happy Harpur Anniversary.

  19. TGOGD

    Here I Come To Leech The Day! (Mighty Mouse Dub)

    Mr. Trouble never hangs around, when he hear’s this mighty sound.

    Big Thank You, you know who you are.
    On the sea or on the land, he gets the situation well in hand!

    (PS – like the way you work it, BTJ! Going for the whole enchilada… again.)

    1. TGOGD

      Looking for GD Spring ’90 TOO seeds if anybody’s got them.
      Sorry my message was all cryptic.
      Links above.

  20. Matt

    Hey All,

    Long story short, I was listening to Dave’s Picks 25 and realized that I had not listened to Dick’s Picks 34 which is the night before…..I quickly noticed that in transferring my flac files to a new hard drive that I was missing a good chunk of Dicks 34.

    Sooooo can anyone reseed Dick’s Picks 34 for me??? Heres the torrent file….


  21. cmore

    Requesting reseeds for the six “high-rez” Zappa releases

    Thanks for the reseeds and more advance thanks for the next batch. Someday. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I will get you covered brother, but be patient with your request as I’m working on the “next batch” as we speak โœ”

  22. Moonwolf

    Hi. I would love a reseed for Dave’s Picks 32. A number of the files that I have for this show are faulty. Best wishes.

  23. Wharf Rat

    Could I please get a re-seed of Lucinda Williams “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”? The write up made it hard to resist — don’t know this. Thanks!

  24. Ozymandias

    A big apology goes out once again. The Tony Joe White did not get loaded yesterday (ya notice thee passive voice 8-( ? They are now all loaded. Thank you to the faithful who kept them open since I made the REPOST.

    You guys and gals are great!!!

  25. jimdandy

    Was late for supper but as they say better late than never. Anyhow looking for a few reseeds if you all don’t mind.Leadbelly – Live New York 1947 & Texas 1949 (2004) [Flac] {DOCD-5676}.torrent

  26. Camphor

    Thanks Ozy, for everything!

    I have probably looked at the top banner here in re-seeds dozens of times, and never before noticed that “tickets” was changed to “re-seeds”. Pretty clever.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      WOW Camphor… great catch and incredibly clever fo sho (that darn, slippery sleek 204).
      THAT is AWESOME. I think I got a chubby…

        1. Camphor

          Weird. The Tony Rice and Mingus files are loading fine, but I show no connections in my client for your request. I’ll see if I can figure it out. Sorry.

        2. Camphor

          Hi Astro, everything checks out on my client, so I must have changed the files somehow, rendering them unsuitable for re-seed. I’m also seeking a re-seed so I can check on that.

          1. Astro

            Thanks for all the efforts Camphor & Ozy! The files are now on my machine. You fellas rock.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      Sorry cmore, just saw this.
      Here ya go if still needed.
      Neil Young โ€“ Sugar Mountain Live At Canterbury House (1968) (2016) Remaster [24-192]

  27. thebird

    any chance that someone can re-seed David Bromberg Quartet โ€“ Live New York City (1982) (2008) [16-44]? Itโ€™s the one Bromberg album that up to now has always proved to be elusive for me. Thanks in advance!

    1. Camphor

      Hey there thebird, I loaded but no activity. Do you have an open torrent? I’m still fine tuning my system for re-seeds, so please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      All those are not a problem but give me like 4-7 days to clear out my drive so I can up them for you.
      I’m dealing with a lot of High-Rez stuff at the moment.

  28. Mr. Kotter

    I’m somehow missing a few from our countdown
    GD 1977-12-31 mp4 –
    Grateful Dead – Ticket To New Year’s Dead [VIDEO_TS] – I think it’s this one,
    String Cheese Incident – 1999-12-31 Portland, OR (AUD) [16-44] –
    Grateful Dead – 1981-12-31 Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA (720p) [mp4] –

    Well that’s it for the New Years run.
    I’m some how missing most of the 30 trips, but I’ll be more specific on that latter.
    Thanks so much and let it shine shine shine

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I seeded the Spirit of ’76 this morning and it was grabbed.
      Do you need the Spirit of ’76. I can put it back up.
      I missed out on the Bear / Doc-Merle 4CD

  29. Caleb Miller

    Hi, I need a reseed on the following Marley records. No, not Jacob Marley records (Mr. Scrooge’s deceased business partner whose ghost is in purgatory and warns Scrooge of the coming visits by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future)Just looking for the Bob Marley records please. Thanks a bunch:

    Bob Marley & The Wailers โ€“ Live! (2016 Deluxe Edition)
    Bob Marley & The Wailers – Live! (1975) (2012 German Box Set) (LP Rip) [24-96].torrent

    1. room204

      I can help in a few days, but right now the drive with the older torrents is offline. Also, I’m not sure I can help with the Winterland Bonus DVD.

    2. Ozymandias

      I have the 2nd and 3rd seeding, nevilles since last night– no action. Others have DLed things since then. IDK why we’re not connecting.

      1. DeadNZ

        Thanks Ozy, I got the last 2 and finished downloading them. Thanks a lot. Dunno what happened before, why there was no connection happening. Anyways, thanks a lot.

        1. Ozymandias

          As long as you DID get’em, all is right with the torrent world.

          I think I’ve got the Byrne .avi but haven’t found it yet. I’ve got an 8GB disk ordered and then I can put everything, new and old, where I’ll always find them.


  30. calebonmttam

    Was hoping for reseeds of the following GarciaLive releases. Thanks:

    GarciaLive Vol 1.5 โ€“ 1981-06-26 (320 mp3)
    GarciaLive Vol 3 โ€“ 1974-12-14_15 (24-88.2)
    GarciaLive Vol 6 โ€“ 1973-07-05 (24-44)
    GarciaLive Vol 13 โ€“ 1989-09-16 (16-44)
    GarciaLive Vol 14 โ€“ Jerry Garcia & John Kahn โ€“ The Ritz, NYC [24-88]
    GarciaLive Vol 14 โ€“ Jerry Garcia & John Kahn โ€“ The Ritz, NYC 1-28-86 [Bonus Disc]

      1. Bufford T Justice

        I put up Garcia Live 13 in 16-44 you wanted and no one grabbed.
        Now I put up 24-88 and I see leechers.
        Is it the 24-88 you wanted, cuz it’s flying.
        16-44 still no leechers.

  31. mrnym

    Any chance of reseeding: John Coltrane – Giant Steps (1959) (2006) Japan Mini-Vinyl Remaster [24-96] from the “John Coltrane – In Progress” collection, por favor?

    Thanks in advance!

    One can never have too much Coltrane.

  32. Matt

    Hey all!!!

    The re-up for Download Series have stalled on a few and we need some help ๐Ÿ™‚

    2 :

    7 :

    9 :

    10 :

    11 :

    12 :

    Thanks everyone for the shares!

  33. choralereefer303

    would there be a chance of this being re seeded …. any time….no rush…. even next year …hehe
    love my beethoven…. should be set for life with this….
    ..peace and thanx

    Beethoven – The New Complete Edition (118 CD) Remastered (2020) [16-44]

  34. Rat

    DP 35 connected and completed, thank you.

    As for the others, it sounds as if I have some other issue, so I will work on that from this end to troubleshoot.

    Thanks all, please leave them up for another day while I work this out.

    1. Rat

      Well, I think the issue was I was trying to get the 16 bit. Changed to the new 24 bit speed corrected and all is currently downloading and should be done within an hour or so. Thanks. What’s a few more GB at this stage…

  35. Rat

    Hey folks, still a few items on my list here that are stalled:

    30 Trips:
    Dave’s Pick vol 35 speed corrected [24-44]
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

      1. Ozymandias

        Thanks for jumping on to help, Mr. K.

        I’ve had those seeding continuously. I’ve done the usual troubleshooting I do for this situation. We’ll see if Rat gets anything from us, or someone else.

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I just took them down this morning as nothing had moved overnight.
      Plenty seeders left. You okay, Rat?
      Check your NAT if possible… and if you have a lot moving in your client you might be at a hard place in DHT-land.

    2. Stuart Kaplan

      I tried to get 30 Trips, but most of them didn’t download when I tried them. I could only get 66-70 an 76-78. Would love to get the rest. Thanks.

        1. Stuart Kaplan

          Would love 79 thru 95 and 71 thru 75. Of those 81, 79, 84, 75, 82, 83, 89, 87 are more priority than the rest. But appreciate any you can do.


  36. Rat

    Daves Picks, vol 23 – 35. Nothing is moving, so if anybody can seed these it would be appreciated. Thanks! (should have grabbed them earlier, my bad…)

  37. Astro

    Howdy, could a lazy fella who slept on some of the Dick’s Picks when the mega thread was flowing get a reseed on Dick’s Picks Vol. 7 and Vol. 8?


  38. Matt

    Last round of Dave’s Picks!! Thanks Thanks Thanks…

    I had an issue with Dave’s Picks 15…I am getting an error on Disc 1 track 2 (good Lovin) so if someone could seed just that track?

    Dave’s Pick 12 (somehow I missed putting that one up)

    Dave’s Pick 29

    Dave’s Pick 30

    Thanks Again for all of your guys’ help…This site has been a Godsend.

  39. Rat

    RE: Pink Floyd. Two of them have stopped:
    1987-A Momentary Lapse of Reason (vinyl 24-192) stopped at 97.7%
    1983-Final Cut (vinyl 24-192) stopped at 58.8%

    So close yet so far….


  40. Rat

    RE: Pink Floyd re-seeds.

    I see a bunch of them going now, thank you very much.
    Still looking for:
    Atom Heart Mother (24-192)
    Rhapsody in Pink (24-196)

    Thanks, people.

  41. Rat

    My bad, should have gotten these much earlier. Is it possible to re-seed the following Pink Floyd:

    1981 – Is Anybody Out There
    1971 – Relics
    1987 – A Momentary Lapse of Reason
    1983 – Final Cut
    1972 – Obscured by the Clouds
    1970 – Atom Heart Mother
    Rhapsody in Pink (BBC Sessions)

    None of them seem to be connecting. Thank you.

  42. Rat

    What a great site! And thanks to all of you doing the seeding. Some great stuff here and much of it not all that common. Only downside is I constantly running out of disk space!

    Much thanks to all!

  43. Matt

    Hey all,

    As part of my process of moving all my music to new hard drives (mainly SSD and bigger capacity) I am finding I have some pretty crappy quality or missing tracks of some really good releases…

    So today I am needing a few Dave’s Picks to start with…I am sure as I continue to properly tag and organize my files, I’ll find more missing and be posting here..

    But for now I need Dave’s Picks 8 – 12 and 14 – 20
    Here is the page

    Appreciate all the help and mainly this site in general!!

    1. Ozymandias

      Please post links for 1-4 at a time and report back when all those complete.

      Are you still unable to DL more than 2-3 at a time? Please reply.

      It’s not feasible for someone to load all 36+ into their client at once if there is a lag in DLing more than 3 or so at a time.

      Please make it easy for us reseeders to reseed. For a large group like this, request just a few at a time please.

      If you follow these suggestions you will get all with the least effort both for you and for us.

      Remember, we are not a torrent tracker. We are a small group and reseed by hand. Thanks.

        1. Ozymandias

          Good deal! OK vol8 and vol9 are seeded.


          Vol10 didn’t check out to 100% so I made new checksums and torr file. So click the links below.

          I’m going to post the new link here, the original poster on this collection might check out so I don’t want to modify the link on the torrent page yet. My filesets were DLd on the old site.

          Vol10 is seeded

          Same goes for Vol11 is seeded

          Please get back to us whenever after you complete these. Thanks and enjoy!

          1. room204

            I’m at 100% for
            Daveโ€™s Picks Volume 10: December 12, 1969 โ€“ Thelma Theater, Los Angeles, CA
            Daveโ€™s Picks Volume 11: November 17, 1972 โ€“ Convention Hall, Wichita, KS
            (per the links on the Dave’s Complete page)

          2. Ozymandias

            Good, thanks. I’ll hide my torrent files for those away. I know I’m not going to complete all of these because my filesets came from old site. I’ll do as much as I can complete over the next coupla days tho.

          1. Ozymandias

            None of my Dave’s filesets checkout to 100%, more like 80-90%. Sorry. They are from the old site.

            I’m afraid I need to ask someone else to re-seed.

            I see that someone is seeding Volume 17, thanks.

        1. Camphor

          That’s weird, they show up and running in my torrent client. I don’t think I changed any of the meta data, the title I used was:

          Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol 01-03 – Rare Unreleased (1961-1991) (16-44)

          Does that match yours?

        2. room204

          Which #6? 16-44 or 16-44 SACD
          Edit: SACD is rolling now, so I have my answer!
          Here are the folder names of what’s seeding:
          Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol 01-03 – Rare Unreleased (1961-1991) (16-44)
          Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol 05 – Rolling Thunder Revue Live 1975 (16-44)
          Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol 06 – Live 1964 (16-44 SACD)

        1. Matt

          According to my client, they just say “Stalled.” I have downloaded a few things from here after requesting re-seeds, that started as stalled then started downloading so I don’t know if its something on my end or should I use a different client.

      1. Ozymandias


        At least 2 of us have had these reseeding since we downloaded them a couple of days ago. Are you certain you have those torrents open in your client? If not please do so. If you do have them open then you and we need to do some troubleshooting to figure things out.

        Please respond here so we know the situation.

        Also, please include the URL of the post where the links are found. We help the re-seeders when that is done. Please read a Nov. 14 post of mine under Re-Seeds.

        Thanks much for helping us get things done when a request is made.

  44. MattY S

    I need a Miracle….. Ok I guess not a miracle, just a seed. I made a huge mistake when I got into the Dead and I assumed that the JGB was not going to be my cup of tea. Then I heard a few of the Garcia Live releases and at the ripe age of 38, I realized I have been missing out on some REALLY amazing blues and soul from our late friend..

    I am trying to get the entire PureJerry collection…any help would be appreciated. You guys rock!

  45. Ozymandias


    We post this message every so often for the benefit of new visitors.

    When you ask for a reseed please include either the link to the page where the post is OR the direct link to the .torrent file (the link near the bottom of torrent page, in red.) This will help us get exactly the torrent you want, and save us reseeders some searching.

    Thanks for understanding. And again, enjoy!

  46. Rat

    Thanks! All set now. And thanks for all the music you have posted. I’ve been out of the country for the year and had a very limited collection with me. This site, and all the great postings, have given me the opportunity to re-do my collection. Well done, people.

  47. Rat

    Did something happen to the seed of Neil Young, “Return to Greendale”? I am at 87.6% and seems to have died. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks.

  48. Camphor

    Hey there BTJ,

    Thanks for seeding the latest set of Classical, unfiortunately, both of the below are stuck at 37 and 42%, respectively. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Beethoven – Andris Nelsons – Complete Symphonies (2019) [24-96].torrent

    Chopin – Preludes, Piano Sonata 2 – Martha Argerich (2002) [24-192].torrent

  49. Rat

    I’m trying to finish up “Coltrane ’58 – The Prestige Recordings. Seem to be stuck at about 82%. Can anybody help? Thank you.

  50. jcannon

    Good Morning BT – there are a few stuck souls on the following seeds – thanks in advance for the help. You are the man.

    Paul Desmond

    Paul Desmond With Strings โ€“ Desmond Blue (1962) (2014) RCA HD Tape Transfers [24-192]

    Paul Desmond โ€“ The Complete Toronto Recordings (1975) 7CD (2019) [16-44]

    The Dave Brubeck Quartet

    The David Brubeck Quartet โ€“ Live At The Kurhaus (1967) (2017) The Lost Recordings [16-44]

    The David Brubeck Quartet โ€“ Time Out (1959) K2HD Mastering (2011) [16-44]

    The David Brubeck Quartet โ€“ Columbia Studio Albums (1955-1967) 19CD [16-44]

  51. Bufford T Justice

    Can I get a bump on a beauty.
    Only the Lord knows why I don’t see this on my array of HD’s??

    Dick’s Picks 18 (1978-02-03_05)

    Dick’s Picks 20 would be helpful as well
    Dick’s Picks 20 (1976-09-25_28)

    Dick’s Picks Volume 23 9-17-72

    Yeah… this too.
    Thanks Rm204. These HD’s are killing me right now

      1. Ozymandias

        Oh man. I thought nothing could top Suffer To Sing the Blues from his 1st, but damn!

        And don’t even think about Jelly Jaw Joe, your brain will become right to add to scrambled eggs.

        I’ve completely missed this one over the years, thanks BTJ and Contributor.

    1. Ozymandias


      Hmmm. I’m not sure what the problem is but I’m not getting anything on that torrent. I checked and I’m using the same torrent file as DeadNZ posted. And I reloaded the torrent this morning.

      I’ve also loaded the 14-88 torrent just in case but it isn’t getting any action either.

      I might have reached the limit on number of torrents open in my client. It varies.

      DeadNZ, did you get the music?

  52. room204

    When this page hits 100 posts (this is 76), let’s start a new reseed page. Or we can do that now? It’s just getting a bit to scroll through. This page won’t be deleted; it’ll still be viewable (and allow for additional comments/posts) but I think a new reseed page would be ok. Thoughts?

    Turns out it was easy to just have the most recent comments show up at the top. Is this ok?

          1. Ozymandias

            I have to admit I’ve never seen any DBase at all.

            Autoscroll: clicking the link under chatter autoscrolls to that comment/reply.

  53. Robert Nesta Marley

    @ BTJ – thx bro – maybe I’ll see if i can post a pic of the “boys” too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    @ Ozy – nice group of “dawgs” you got there! Us 3 (likely most of us here) are for sure dog lovers ๐Ÿ™‚ they’re the BEST and likely speak for all 3 of us as well – absolutely keys members of the family! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing….

    1. Ozymandias

      There’s a 4th here who spent time as an ASPCA inspector/rescuer. I don’t want to see the heartbreaking scenes he saw. But someone has to, to make a difference.

    1. Ozymandias

      Don’t get me started. OK, I’ll jump in here.

      Sadie helped raise our daughters. Obedience Champion, Novice Retriever dog, Novice Shooting Dog and scent tracking dog. All our dogs since Sadie have been rescues. Weimaraner pups have blue eyes for about 6 months.

      Another stunning Weimaraner, our 3rd.

      Our vet called us the brown family. Charlie, the Golden/Yellow Lab mix died 3 years ago tomorrow.

      I found Honey, a Dutch Shepherd (police/drug scenting breed) living in a small patch of woods in suburban Houston. She had been there long enough for her collar to be strangling her. She would not let the street feeder get close. I lay on my stomach and talked to her. She came when I offered her my work glove to play with. Hurricane Harvey came a week later with its 51 inches of rain. She’s our current dog, and the choc mix. The Choc came to us with the name Hunter on his collar. We’re looki9ng to adopt an elderly Weim now.

      Our daughter got an animal psychology degree (specialty: rat sex), then vet tech. Animal crazy, that’s thanks to Sadie, the 1st above. I do rescue work with large Rescue group

      1. Bufford T Justice

        Amazing set of photos there OZY. Thank you 4 sharing indeed.
        Man’s best friend/companion.
        Unconditional love – we need more of that!

        1. Ozymandias

          Thanks man. Yeah, I do. But what I do is worlds away from the emotionally draining ASPCA rescues. That’s American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Cruelty is the operative word there. We don’t really deal with that. We’re at the easy end of the chain of people who get safe homes for dogs (and cats).

          BTW, we’ll connect by email when I get my gmail tamed, it’s been a while.

  54. Bufford T Justice

    Thanks OZY: My first thought is Bob Ross
    I remember watching that guy every Saturday, specifically, with mom’s Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Campbell’s tomato soup.

      1. Anymouse

        Thanks for the quick response!

        I just went to the pharmacy to refill a prescription and get some shots, (distemper I think), and got home just in time to see the last couple of megabytes load.

        1. Bufford T Justice

          Usually I get distemper shots for my Siberian Husky.
          Didn’t know it worked on humans as well โ˜ 

          Good to know.

          Love my Koda

          1. Ozymandias

            What painter said Nature doesn’t make blues except in plants? Koda and blue-footed boobies prove that wrong. What a beauty.

  55. Salty Wolf

    Dead Europe 72 – the big one.

    Finally got round to catching up on some GD 72 vintage. I tried to load up the Europe 72 box set; the one with 22 shows. What a stormer! Anyway I’ve happily loaded up 4-7 through to 4-24. After that though I’m having problems with some of the files, which aren’t loading properly. I’d be really grateful for a reseed of this and I know it’s a big ask as this release was huge. Best wishes.

  56. DeadNZ

    Yeah, it bends your mind sometimes *lol*…..

    Being in the future, you can ask me any question and I may be able to predict the outcome *harhar*

    1. Bufford T Justice

      Let me know if you got the Tchaikovsky & Mozart re-seeds. I see no leeching today.
      If so, I will take them down, if you still need them, No problem.

  57. Camphor

    Ozy is right, I tagged the meta data so I could see song titles in the way I like on a Fiio portable player. Although I appreciate the thought, I wouldn’t change what you are doing just to meet my needs. Besides, I kinda like doing the tagging.

    I started doing what 204 is (folder in a folder) with the Garcia Live stuff, which is why I offered to handle re-seeds for the serial GD and JG releases if I can get clean copies. I’m comfortable re-seeding, just didn’t realize that changing the meta-data would prevent a reseed and didn’t think about the need for new check sum files after changing the meta data.

  58. Camphor

    Hey guys, since I have re-tagged all my copies of the GD and JG serial releases, I’d be happy to fulfill all future re-seed requests of the following if someone will seed clean copies. Let me know so I can set up my dls. I already have the recent JG Live recent dl, and will fulfill those too.

    Need: Dick’s Picks, Dave’s Picks, Roadtrips, GD DL series, 30-Trips

    1. Bufford T Justice

      @Camphor: Do you mean meta-tagging? Or just re-naming the whole folder?
      I rename my folders the way I like them for chronological archival purposes (from this site and aLL other sites).
      If a reseed is needed, I load / copy the show into my torrent folder… then I go to download the torrent request, wait to hit OK, take torrent client “seeded name” of the folder (copy it precisely) and then rename (paste) the folder in my torrent folder. Go back to the client, press go and reseeding starts.

      But if your “re-tagging” the actual files (songs) within the torrent, then it will not seed. It will try to download.
      I probably said that wrong, but hopefully not.
      Pretty easy actually. Basically an extra 20-30 seconds to reseed and you still have your original folder with the nomenclature / tagging you prefer.

      1. Ozymandias

        I think Camphor edited the meta tags.

        I don’t have the same checksums as in the Spidergawd torrents, al least for the sets I checked.

        1. Bufford T Justice

          Correct. If one little character is changed “within” the folder, it will not seed.
          Making copies “just” to seed would be very labor intensive not to mention HD space.
          The thought is beautiful.
          โ™ฌ Strangers stopping Strangers, just to seed they’re drives โ™ซ

      2. room204

        I make a folder, name it how I like, and then put the original folder inside that one. I can sort easily, and if needed for reseeding, the original should still be fine. It works well for live shows, in cases where there are multiple sources, etc., and I can have them all in one place.

        My question for Camphor was an attempt that we can alter how we’re meta-tagging stuff in the future so he doesn’t need to. I know people vary in how much tagging info they use. For instance, I don’t use the genre tag.

  59. Camphor

    Just a technical question. I had both of ganky’s requests up and running yesterday when he made the request. Any thoughts on why he wasn’t able to download them? Thanks.

  60. Copperdomebodhi

    Thank you all for your kindness. Could I get little help on these?

    Jerry Garcia Band โ€“ After Midnight (1980) (2004) [16-44]

    John Prine (1971) (2015 Reissue) [24-192].torrent

    March 16, 1990 – Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland [24-88].torrent

    March 19, 1990 – Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut [24-88].torrent

    March 22, 1990 – Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario [24-88].torrent

    March 26, 1990 – Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, New York [24-88].torrent

    March 30, 1990 – Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York [24-88].torrent

  61. Bufford T Justice

    I believe the GarciaLive Volumes will be coming out as well, in time, like DP’s, DaP’s, PureJerry’s, etc…

  62. Bufford T Justice

    Sorry I am late on these (or just PLAIN blind)
    Whenever someone has time, if I could get these re-seeded, that would be awesome!
    2017 – Nobel Prize speech (16-44)

    2004 – Complete – Part 2 (16-44)
    2004 – Complete – Part 2 (16-44)

    2017 – Triplicate (16-44) & (24-96)

    2020 – Rough And Rowdy Ways (24-96)


  63. john

    Thanks for Van re seeds – you’re awesome Burford T –
    and also for hooking my buddy with the Seamless Winterland shows.

  64. john

    Thanks B T
    I have two torrents that aren’t connecting. Maybe another go at it and if not this pass I’ll drop off.
    I somehow missed the 1991 dvd seed – thanks for all the help. The 1977 just won’t connect

    The Jukebox French TV has a couple peers – but I’m not connecting … I checked my port and I’m not NAT’d
    Van Morrison โ€“ โ€˜JUKEBOXโ€™ French TV โ€“ Sept. 3, 1977 โ€“ [DVD Upgrade]

    This one has no peers or seeders, I missed this one the first time around. Thank you.
    Van Morrison โ€“ One Irish Rover (BBC 2 Arena) March 16, 1991 [Pro Pal DVD]

    Thank you, you’re awesome.

  65. john

    I need some help with some torrents Burford or another kind soul to assist with below,
    sorry for being slow on these I am recovering from surgery.
    I’ll give the title of the album as listed on the page and the address link below
    Thank you again

    Them – Them โ€“ The Angry Young Them (2020) Mono Remastered

    Them โ€“ 1965-10-19 Paris, France [DVD]

    Them โ€“ Them Again (2020) Remastered [24-96]

    Van Morrison โ€“ Astral Weeks Live At The Hollywood Bowl (2009) (2020) Remastered [24-48]

    Van Morrison โ€“ Rockplast Midem Music Festival, Cannes, France Jan. 26, 1984 [DVD]

  66. Jeffrey

    Thanks, All. Everything coming through now it seems.

    Sorry for late reply getting back to you. Different time zone from most of you I think

  67. Bufford T Justice

    @JB: check to see if your grabbing. I have all your LZ & CCR requests running and see no leechers
    Make sure they’re the flavor you want as there are many different versions to Zeppelin stuff

    1. Ike

      Mr. Justice,

      Would ya happen to have these on the hotwire? ๐Ÿ™‚

      If not, no sweat, I’ll survive with the mountain of music you’ve all already so generously shared. – Ike

      1970 – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III [24-96]

      1976 – Led Zeppelin – Presence [24-96]

      1979 – Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door [24-96]

      1982 – Led Zeppelin – Coda [24-96]

      1. Bufford T Justice

        Gonna go put ’em up for ya Ike!
        How the heck did you NOT want Presence from the get go!
        Just the most Rock-n-Roll album there is.
        Bonham is a madman!

        Out On The Tiles from III is one of my favorite drumming songs EVER. Ever too short….
        Really, crank that shit.

        1. Ike


          I didn’t have any of ’em, I saw Jeffrey’s request from June 30, 2020 and figgered I’d jump on! I can now officially toss out the 8-tracks.

  68. Camphor

    @ JB: I only have VM – Astral Weeks and Moondance and The Band – Last Waltz. All 3 are re-seeded.

    @ @anymouse: sorry, I have none of those.

  69. Jeffrey Blauner

    May I request re-seeding of the following? They all seem to have either stopped mid-course or simply unable to start. I am sure my settings are correct because I am torrenting others (on this site as well as other places). Thanks!

    1969 Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin I [24-96]
    1973 Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy [24-96]
    1971 Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV [24-96]
    CCR Willy & the Poor Boys [16-44]
    CCR Green River (1969) [16-44]
    1976 Led Zeppelin – Song Remains the Same [24-96]
    1975 Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti [24-96]
    1969 Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II [24-96]
    Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus
    Van Morrison – Astral Weeks [16-44]
    Van Morrison – Moondance [16-44]
    The Band – Last Waltz [16-44]

    The first 3 started, but stopped any where from 1.5% to 56.5% done.

    Thanks, people!

  70. Anymouse

    Due to my shabby bandwidth and reefer fueled lack of focus, I’ve fallen woefully behind on the “Bob Dylan- In Progress thread, and I could use some help on a few seeds there.

    1967 – Greatest hits FIDELITY GOLD DISC 2012 16-44

    1971 – GREATEST HITS VOL 2: 16-44

    1978 – MASTERPIECES: 16-44

    1985 – BIOGRAPH: 1985 VERSION 16-44



    Help on any of these welcome, and no rush, thanks for the wealth of riches here!

    1. anymouse

      I sought has come in, and thanks for that,
      but I still have my fingers crossed for the other five.

      1. Ike

        anymouse, I think I can help you with those other five. 10:52am est here. Give me a few minutes and give it a try. – Ike

  71. Ozymandias


    They have been seeding since I put them up originally.

    So nothing has DLed?

    I hope the gremlins haven’t visited me again.

    1. Ozymandias

      Maybe you’ll connect with Camphor, he’s DLing them fine from me so he’ll have them seeding. Let us know, we’ll get’em to you another way.

  72. Ike

    Thank you, Ozy. Sorry about that. Makes sense.

    If anyone already has any of these Dylan recordings on their hard drive and could re-seed them for me Iโ€™d be grateful. Nothing urgent believe me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1965 โ€“ Donโ€™t Look Back Outtakes (Audio) (16-44)

    1975-03-23 โ€“ SNACK (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Band) (16-44)

    1978 โ€“ Masterpieces (3cd) [Columbia 462448 9] (16-44)

    1978 โ€“ Street Legal (2013 remaster) (16-44)

    1980 โ€“ Saved (2013 remaster) (16-44)

    1981 โ€“ Shot Of Love (1985 version) (16-44)

    Thank you,

  73. Ozymandias

    reseeded the Pat Garrett 2496 and the 1973 Dylan remaster

    Just a little reminder. It’ll help reseeders get to the exact torrent more easily if the torrent url is included in the request (Copy Link Location of the red lyric).

    Enjoy !

  74. Ike

    Hi. If anyone already has these Dylan recordings on their hard drive and could re-seed them for me I’d be grateful. Nothing urgent believe me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1965 – Don’t Look Back Outtakes (Audio) (16-44)
    1975-03-23 – SNACK (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Band) (16-44)
    1978 – Masterpieces (3cd) [Columbia 462448 9] (16-44)
    1978 – Street Legal (2013 remaster) (16-44)
    1980 – Saved (2013 remaster) (16-44)
    1981 – Shot Of Love (1985 version) (16-44)
    Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes (amazon)

    Thank you,

    1. DupreeDAB

      I started up Multitudes, but I’m also waiting on a few of those you listed, plus:
      1973 – Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (24-96 vinyl)
      1973 – Dylan (2013 remaster) (16-44)

      Thanks for any help!

  75. Bufford T Justice

    Looking for a couple of Dylan reseeds whenever anyone has time. No rush.
    1979 – Bob Dylan at Budokan (2013) (16-44)
    1979 – Slow Train Coming (2003 remaster) (16-44)
    1983 – Infidels (2003 remaster) (16-44)

  76. Bufford T Justice

    @OZY. I am currently seeding fine on The Band stuff. All 3 you mention are rolling and I also see 3 seeders on each

    1. Ozymandias

      OK, thanks. I’ll see if my utorrent has reached its choking point with 150 torrents loaded.

      Maybe its time to switch to QBit

    2. Ozymandias

      Going now, thanks.

      I deleted 100 torrents and rebooted. No luck. Then deleted those 3 from the queue and redownloaded torr files– they started. I’ll call it a fluke now but will wait for it to happen again. Thanks.

  77. Ozymandias

    could I get a few reseeds? Thanks much.

    these 3 stopped at 19% and 0%



    also three old ones:



    SELF PORTRAIT: 16-44

  78. Camphor

    Just a quick FYI, the Elton John:Tumbleweed Connection contains the info.txt for Madman Across the Water. Since the songs are already tagged, I’m not looking for a re-seed.

    1. Ozymandias

      You found it! I think perfection is a dangerous thing so I always try to throw in a little imperfection just to keep things safe.

      Thanks, Camphor. I’m going to leave things as they are so reseeding won’t have any kinks. Most if not all those info.txt files are the post writeups and so everything is there along with the track names.

      Good catch.

  79. medinaray

    Good evening good folks! Is there a dead head out there who is willing and able to re-seed Dicks Picks #10 and Dick’s Picks #16? I’m surely grateful in advance of who ever can help! Peace.


  80. room204

    Hey guys – a friendly reminder: please include either a link to the torrent page, or the torrent, for the fileset you’re asking for a re-seed for.

  81. Camphor

    I may have posted in the wrong place. Appreciate some help with Downloads 6/18/76, the entire set DL except for 6/18/76. Thanks.

  82. Camphor

    Hi there,
    I have the same problem for DP#12, stuck at 98.4%, and also for DP#16, stuck at 87.9%. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  83. medinaray

    Hey now good folks! Really Grateful for the work being put into this site! I loved the old Box of Rain site and was bummed to see it go. But hey, We now have the music coming back!

    Any one of you good folks able to reseed Garcia Live Vol. 13 (24-88.2 version), and the booklet?

    Also, am downloading Dicks #12 and the torrent froze at 98.47% complete. Any ideas or advice on a fix?

    Many thanks for the help. Peace folks.

  84. NorthCoaster

    Any chance on helping a few of us complete “Grateful Dead โ€“ View From The Vault II (2001) [DVD]”? Thanks in advance!

  85. NorthCoaster


    First off, THANK YOU for everyone’s hard work to make this wonderful music available. I am new and playing a little catch-up ๐Ÿ˜€ I am in need of a see for these four older offerings and any help is greatly appreciated.

    RatDog – Live At Roseland
    The Doors – Live In Pittsburg 1079
    Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Sep. 26, 1962
    Traffic – Live At Santa Monica (1972)

    Thanks again!

  86. john

    Hey Buford – I have the new Dave’s Picks Volume 34 and Bonus Disk tagged with scanned artwork – tell me where to wetransfer it – it’s ready to go for you if you need it.

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