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  1. Mr.+Kotter

    So only because we have Andor here, I was wondering if anyone had the 4K version of Lord of the Rings?
    I heard it was color corrected and really nice.
    Thanks for all you all do.

    1. Camphor

      Hiya Astro, hope things are going well. It looks like there was a 6-CD release, with 2 CD’s from the Weir-Wasserman shows on 9/5 and 6/89 (which was posted here and i’ve loaded and should be good to go) and 4 CD’s from the JGB sets on the same dates (which I don’t think has been posted here). I don’t have the JGB sets. Sorry, maybe someone else has them?

        1. Astro

          Thank you Camphor and room204! Going to be some of that sweet rich fall ’89 JGB sound soothing my drive into the new school year.

  2. dcarey

    Any chance can anyone either reseed or share the Grateful Dead Sunshine Daydream video ? We just had the 50th anniversary of this concert. Thanks so much in advance

  3. Matty S

    Hi all,

    This is a BIG ask….but does anyone have all the 82 releases of the Bruce Springsteen Archive? I have recently revisited Bruce after not really digging what I heard as a child “Born in the USA.” Recently did a deep dive and I now get it ha..

    Thanks in advance

  4. Mr.+Kotter

    Just wondering if there is any more Little Feat that could be shared? I had Sailin’ Shoes back in the days of vinyl and haven’t listened to that for ages.
    Not to ask for too much, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any Moody Blues here. I have Moody Bluegrass I’d love to share here. The case is intricately carved wood. Really something special.

  5. Jules Aragon

    I’d love to see Lookout Farm by Dave Liebman: β€Ί wiki β€Ί Lookout_Farm_(album)

    Also, I second β€œAll the Good Times (are past and gone)” by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Mandolin Orange is pretty desirable too. πŸ™‚

    You guys are amazing…. thanks for everything.

    1. Camphor

      Hi Jules, Ozy has some Welch and Rawlings, but not sure if he the one you are requesting. Unfortunately, some computer issues are preventing him from connecting right now. I’ve forwarded the request, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he can get back on soon.

  6. mr bonkers

    Hi All. I’m looking for a copy of “All the Good Times (are past and gone)” by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. I’ve seen them here once or twice and just wondered if anyone had a copy. Thanks in advance.

          1. Bufford T Justice

            @DupreeDAB – If you have the folder (fileset) without any changes at all, just load it in your client folder where your downloads end up, then click the .torrent file requested and it should load & seed.

            1. DupreeDAB

              Indeed. However, I don’t think it was shared here. If someone can point me to a torrent link (I can’t find one) I’ll happily share.

  7. TGOGD

    May I request:
    Hawkwind – At The BBC 1972 – 2 CD 2010 EMI Records release.

    Think it might’ve been a Record Store Day release.
    If anybody has it and can post it, that’d be awesome! Can’t find a lossless copy currently.

  8. Camphor

    From Jerry Rocks:

    “Could someone please re-seed or WeTransfer The Beatles Black (stereo box) and White (mono box)? Many thanks in advance!”

  9. Jimmy James

    Speaking of Hendrix, a long time ago I found a fan made movie with all the available concert footage from Rainbow Bridge. When there wasn’t concert footage, they added in scenes from the Rainbow Bridge movie with Pat Hartley walking around Hawaii, etc. while the music continued playing. A year or so ago, the Hendrix estate released the concert footage and it was beautifully restored, but it drives me crazy that they just left the visuals blank when they didn’t have footage. Does anyone know if this fan film has been updated with the restored footage? If so, does anyone have it and could post it here?

  10. DupreeDAB

    While there’s been lots of great Jimi Hendrix posted here (thank you!), I’m wondering if anyone has “The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 4 CD Box Set”, reissued in 2013? I’m really after Like A Rolling Stone from Monterey Pop 1967, which is included, although there’s tons of other things I’d like to hear, as well.

  11. TGOGD

    Maybe I’m Snowblind, but anyone got a Black Sabbath 2021Β Vol. 4Β Super Deluxe (4 CD) Banger?
    I looked, but there’s nothing Under The Sun, maybe it’s the Wheel’s Of Confusion in my brain or it could possibly be Tomorrow’s Dream. Who knows what Changes may happen, but Sometimes I’m Happy, especially when the Sweet Leaf doesn’t make me Paranoid.

      1. TGOGD

        Thanks Camphor.

        Just to be clear, I was referring to the Super Deluxe 4 CD Edition with bonus Unreleased Material, Outtakes & of most interest to me Disc 4 Live in the UK 1973.

        I didn’t see it on here, so I thought I’d request it in hopes someday it might appear πŸ˜‰

    1. Camphor

      That’s a herd one. I don’t usually associate Althea with “hot”, here’s an off the top of my head, but I’ll look a little harder: JGB 82-04-05

      1. Ozymandias

        Thanks Camphor, Well, you knew what I meant. Now if I can only remeber why I wanted it.there was a specific reason.

    2. Mr. Kotter

      The ones I like best are the early ones when Brent was β€˜the new guy’ and the song was full of new energy. GD 80-82 for my $0.02

      On a separate note, anyone know what happened to the Big site? I assume it got hacked. Any idea when it might be back up?

      1. Camphor

        I assume you are referring to LL. They are still down. Code vulnerability is fixed but they are experiencing a host hardware problem. A ticket has been submitted and now they are just waiting for the host to address it.

  12. TGOGD

    Anybody know if this was an eBook or PDF and if so, got a copy?
    Evenings With Led Zeppelin: The Complete Concert Chronicle – Revised and Expanded Edition 2014 by Dave Lewis (Author), Mike Tremaglio (Author)

    1. TGOGD

      I ended up buying it, I’ll let you all know if it’s any good. If anybody knows of a PDF or eBook version, lmk.

  13. Copperdomebodhi

    Could I get a little help with:

    Bob Dylan: 2021-11-06 – Palace Theatre, Columbus, OH


    Grateful Dead: April 24, 1972 [24-44] HDCD ?

    If any completists want to upload a rip of “Rockin’ the Rhein” that’d be just as good – one of my discs went missing.

    Many thanks,

    1. Camphor

      Hmmm, that’s an unusual file name and it’s a jpeg. Whatcha looking for Mr. Kotter, try just giving us the name and I’ll see if I can find it.

  14. DupreeDAB

    Does anyone have REM vinyl rips or MFSL/remastered versions of Murmur, Reckoning, Fables of the Reconstruction, and Life’s Rich Pageant? These have been missing from my digital collection and would love to listen to them again. THX!

  15. Cale K

    Would anyone happen to have the Grateful Dead’s Fallout From The Phil Zone 2-CD? I had it a while back and lost it – would love to see it again! Thank you!

  16. W*Rat

    How about some Jesse Colin Young (other than Songbird, which I believe was posted a while ago)?


    Great site, glad I have a lot of disk space…

  17. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a copy of Mel Brown’s 1973: Eighteen Pounds of Unclean Chitlins and Other Greasy Blues Specialties (BluesWay)? He is a very funk blues guitar player who played with Bobby “Blue” Bland for a decade or so before going solo.

  18. Mr. Kotter

    To aLL a happy thanksgiving
    Be happy, be safe, be healthy
    And don’t forget to hum a few bars of Alsace’s Restaurant!

    See ya in the park.

  19. Mr Bonkers

    I’m enjoying listening to Jerry Garcia. I’ve realised that I have not got Garcia Live volume 6, or the bonus from 14. I’d love to be able to listen to them.

          1. Ozymandias

            You’re welcome on the reseeds. That’s why we’re here (almost) every day.

            I seeded Vol. 3.

            I see one track, Dixie Down, that’s missing on PJ Vol. 4. (disk 1, track 5)

            My PJ 1.5 mp3, & Vol.2 do not match their torrent files. They probably came from BORv1.

            Can someone reseed those, and maybe vol. 4 ?

  20. Ozymandias

    This is different kind of request. One of our own has had a major cardiovascular and brain injury. No cognitive impairment but some paralysis which he can probably recover from, at least partially, maybe completely. He’s tough and is a smart guy, he knows what it’ll take.

    Send up a prayer. No more clots.

      1. Ozymandias

        Sad, but under control and is doing much better than he might have. Much. He’s done more for the larger community than anyone here knows.

    1. Mr. Kotter

      I’m so sorry to hear that.
      No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots, No clots,

      My thoughts and prayers going out into the universe and you

  21. Matt

    Hey all,

    Does anyone happen to have the SBD of Dead and Company’s 2019 Fall Fun Run? I have the summer run, but missed out on the fall one…

  22. sneeks

    Can anyone upload The Doors: Live in Detroit or Live in Philadelphia ’70?

    Would love to get my hands on these but the prices are ridiculous.

  23. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a copy of the James Montgomery Band’s first three albums they could share?

    First Time Out (1973 on vinyl and 1998 on CD)
    High Roller (1974 on vinyl)
    James Montgomery Band (1976 on vinyl)

    Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  24. JerryRocks

    Can someone please reseed The Allman Brothers Band -The Final Note (Live at Painters Mill Music Fair) (1971) (2020) [16-44]? Thanks very much in advance! πŸ™‚

        1. Bufford T Justice

          No one is grabbing fro my uTorrent 2.2.1 once again after re-install and working for a week.

          I will switch over to Qbit and try that.

  25. Silver Stream

    I would just love to see and listen to the Billy and the Kids Red Rocks gigs. I think that there was a live stream which I missed and I do not know if they are being released as flacs. They were great in the private gigs in Hawaii.
    Really enjoyed watching the gigs then and listening with earphones when out and about.
    Silver Stream

  26. jcannon

    I am trying to get the Eric Dolphy uploads, for some reason there are 0s in both the download and upload columns, weird. I think they just got posted and I didn’t have an issue with the Muddy release.

    I’ve opened each one – would love to grab these uploads if possible. Thanks for the help.

    Eric Dolphy links

      1. JerryRocks

        Thank you! I love TP & Hs so much, and their musicianship, and so when I saw an interview where they kept this by the coffee pot in the studio because it was their favorite album and they listened to it on cassette going across country when they moved to CA, I was blown away. I had never even heard of it! Thanks room204! πŸ™‚

      2. room204

        The CD arrived today, and once I get a few moments, I’ll get it scanned and posted. It’s playing now, and I’m not sure this is what any of us expected.

    1. Ozymandias

      Yes, I was shut down for the weekend experiencing a piece of the Austin life. Alas, no music, “only” the lakes.

      It’s going now. The sound is fantastic, as is his banjo.

  27. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a compilation of Todd Rundgren albums from Grunt in 1970 through The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect in 1982? Many thanks in advance!

  28. TGOGD

    Any Replacements fans hangin’ out around here?

    I’ve been eyeballing –
    Dead Man’s Pop 4 CD / 1 LP with booklet

    Pleased To Meet Me Deluxe 3 CD / 1 LP with booklet

    Been on a mats Bender.
    Got a bunch of the rest to share if anybody is into it.

    Ironically, they do have some similarities to the GD. Most strikingly.. You never knew just what you might get πŸ™‚

  29. anymouse

    My request is for:
    Download Series: A Night At The Family Dog, February 4, 1970 – 12 track version

    I’m looking for a version with the bonus tracks from October 5, 1970 and December 31, 1970, the version I currently have has only the 9 tracks from Feb. 4.
    I could be wrong, but I believe the 9 track version I have came from here, maybe Room204 or someone could confirm or deny that.

    A video of 9 minutes of GD Oct. 5, 1970 had recently surfaced and then re-submerged at youtube yesterday. I hope someone was able to capture it, although between the heavy focus on a cute dancer and buckets of post production colorization and effects, there really isn’t much footage of actual band, so I was really more interested in the audio, mostly a long jam into Dancin’ In The Streets, and wanted to compare it to the audio, which is available as filler on this Family Dog Download series release.

    Thanks as always!

    1. TGOGD

      Hi ya anymouse

      Here’s a link to the video grab –

      Let me know if the audio matches the download series filler. Curious, but haven’t had a chance to compare. BTW that cute dancer is Mary Ann Mayer, love watching her dance!

  30. Mr. Kotter

    Bob Weir and Phil Lesh 2018-03-03 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY
    I could have sworn I got these show here, perhaps it was the big site, but it thought they were the sound boards. …
    Anyway, they started out at Radio City and hit about half a dozen other spots and I thought they sounded really good. Each night getting better and having a nice selection of guests (see I must have heard them). Anyway, does anyone have the goods? Perhaps it was on the previous site. …

    Always with extreme appreciation.
    See ya in the classroom and don’t be late.

  31. Rat

    A few requests, if not too much trouble:

    Derek and the Dominos: Layla and other love songs
    Derek and the Dominos: Live at the Fillmore
    Blues Breakers (John Mayall withe Eric Clapton)
    E.C. was Here
    461 Ocean Blvd

    Hmmm seems to be a trend here…. MUCH APPRECIATED for anything, everything, past and future… My music is still in a country I can’t get to for at least several more months.

  32. Moon Wolf

    Really enjoyed Billy and the Kids with Billy Strings at the Grateful Mahalo. Does anyone know to get the best possible audio out of an mkv, possible to mp3-320?
    Thank you

  33. Mr. Kotter

    melty face
    and so many strange strange album covers. I just got a Jones for some Peter Gabriel.
    If anyone has it available that is … πŸ™‚


  34. Panic Explorer

    Anyone care to post some Widespread Panic? A very Panicky friend of mine highly recommends the following gigs. Here is a copy of his email to me…………

    Make sure you check out these Videos:
    Panic in the Streets Video
    Live at Oak Mountain Video
    Both are smoke shows.

    Live Albums:
    -Light Fuse Get Away Album: Amazing. A mixture of a few shows from a tour seamlessly put together like the
    Allmans did with Fillmore East and the Dead with Europe β€˜72.

    Live Shows – most have been digitally released:
    -Von Braun Civic Center Arena in Huntsville, Alabama on April 3, 1996. – Some consider their best show.
    -Liberty Hall in Lawrence Kansas on October 21, 1993. Personal favorite. The Mercy transition to Chilly is so
    -Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans Louisiana on May 1, 1999. My all time favorite show I was at.
    -10 mile room in Breckenridge, Colorado January 22, 1996. From the Sit β€˜n Ski tour. Good stuff.

  35. aikowolf

    Probably a Longshot…

    Video of Stevie Ray Tokyo 1985, specifically the Prescence production version. I know I shared it with some folks previously but not sure if anyone here.

    Lost on a hard drive crash.

  36. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a copy of these David Bowie releases:

    Tonight (1984)
    Glass Spider Special edition CD (2007)
    Sound + Vision Box Set reissue (CD: EMI / 5945112) (2003)

    Thanks for help with these! πŸ™‚

  37. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a copy of Jonathan Edwards’ 1973 Have a Real Good Time for Me (Atco) and 1976 Rockin’ Chair (Reprise)? I have all the other early ones in FLAC from CD is there’s interest.

  38. Wharf Rat

    How about Willie and Waylon? Anybody got that? I worked one summer with two rednecks (real nice guys) that listened to it in the truck everyday for weeks on end. It grew on me!

  39. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have copies of these three early and obscure John Lennon albums?

    Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins
    Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions
    Wedding Album

    I used to have the album of the first one in a brown wrapper and it cost me a lot even in the album days! I sold all my albums though. πŸ™

    Many thanks in advance!

  40. dcarey

    Would anyone either of these two Jorma Kaukonen releases :
    Jorma (1979)
    Barbeque King w/ Vital Parts (1981)

    Many thanks in advance, these two records (cds) have been out of print forever. They would be a nice companion to the Hot Tuna box that is here.

    1. aikowolf

      I have Jorma 1979 all set, will add that plus a high definition Tuna sdb from 2014 and a deluxe reissue of Hot Tuna 1970 later today.. Barbecue King stuck at 0% but I see a place to buy a CD quality download so….

  41. Camphor

    Anybody have a copy of GD72-11-18 at Hofheinz Arena, ASIN: B00PBG59D6 released by Rhino as a CD and later on vinyl for record day ? The original recording was by Owsley, with Norman mastering the release. We have a few VG sources available at LL, but I’m curious whether the Norman mastering added anything. Thanks!

  42. Mr. Kotter

    Mickey Hart

    I Can’t help but think this is error. Perhaps I’m remembering the first iteration of the site?
    Regardless, it seems to be a hole in our otherwise extensive GD+ collection.
    I was wanting to listen to Diga the other day. That’s what brought it to my attention, but if you haven’t heard the music with Olitunji, … I forget who my reader is. I got to see Olitunji in Princeton NJ (that little place where in ’71, Pig Pen tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck an a quarter). That was a treat.

    1. Ozymandias

      Thanks for the kick in the head. I’ve got mickey’s collection sitting here (~10 titles) pretty much ready to go. Give me some time.

      Between the old and the new, there is SO DAMN MUCH MUSIC (pardon) for us here. The river is deep with those whose eyes and ears were seared and couldn’t fend back back the flames. But, oh, that space between…. But they always finished their last post. Dead to the Core.

  43. Ozymandias

    I found a new, deep love.

    Any Albert Lee? Heading his own bands or hot sideman for Emily Lou (in particular) or others (Clapton).

    Clapton has called him the greatest living guitar player. Yeah, I know, hyperbole, but it’s from Clapton.

        1. Ozymandias

          Let me know if I can help. I’ll be back Monday. Like you send to me, me post it for you under your name. Just a thought. I’d break it up into at least 2 torrents.

          1. Mr. Kotter

            OMG – I’m NOT going to get it! I screwed up my email. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

            Try this one. Gmurray050480 the date of my first show, Baltimore, at Gmail dot com

            Oops. πŸ€ͺ

  44. DupreeDAB

    Hi all.

    Now that my request for “Buckingham-Nicks” was generously filled, I have another request: “The Secret Policeman’s Ball – The Music” with Pete Townshend, Tom Robinson, Neil Innes, and John Williams.

    This one originally came out in 1980 and features a stunning acoustic collaboration with Pete Townshend and John Williams on “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. To my knowledge, this never appeared in any kind of official digital format, just vinyl.

  45. aikowolf

    I know this is a long shot but….

    The Beatles at Red Rocks, August 26, 1964

    I saw it listed on a prominent TRADERs list, WHO shall remain nameless πŸ˜‰ a few years back and requested they upload it, as of yet I’ve not seen it.


  46. Shadow Moon

    I recently discovered an African musician Geoffrey Oryema and a beautiful song “Land of Anaka”. I would love to hear more of him.

  47. Ozymandias

    This is a stretch, I’ll have the CD soon but this is a docu of Ry that shows him at a peak performance. Maybe it can be found. Parts are on utube.

    “Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces: Let’s Have A Ball”, a film by Les Blank taped at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA on March 25’th 1987

    Also Flaco

    Ry is always filled with emotion but this concert performance is stunning. He really raised his blood pressure, his carotids are pumping double-time.

  48. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have copies of the first couple Nanci Griffith albums?

    There’s a Light Beyond These Woods (1978)
    Poet in My Window (1982)

  49. JerryRocks

    Has anyone got a copy of these:

    Freddie King β€Žβ€“ I’m Tore Down – Live in Texas

    5 Classic Albums by Robert Palmer

    The Cool Cool Blues Of Charlies Brown 1945-1961 – Includes All-Time Classic Hits And R&B Chart Hits by Charles Brown

    Many thanks in advance!

  50. Stuart Kaplan

    Hi. I’m looking for most of the Dick’s Picks. I have Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 6, 7, and 8, but need all others. Can someone re-seed those please?
    Also could use Download Series 02 and 12, as I missed those on the recent seeding. And missing the Estimated only from series 09.

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays, Jerry Christmas and Happy New Weir to all!

      1. Stuart Kaplan

        1. Ozymandias

          I’ve got all the Dick’s Picks in a zip file somewhere around here. They’re from the old site and so I can’t torrent them here. I’m looking for them and will get them to you thru wetransfer or similar service. Be patient, your request is not forgotten. Thanks.

      2. Ozymandias

        here are 4 links for 36 Dick’s Picks. Each is ~ 10GB. Please open and DL 1 at a time to leave me some bandwidth for others. Later vinyl releases may not be here. Ask for a reseed on those after these are done.

        Also, I may have to shut down occasionally to switch in other disks for archiving. These torrent folders will remain on the original disk so if I shut down you should be able to just Resume when I boot back up.

        Post here with any problems on these. Otherwise please ask for reseeds under the Re-seeds tab. That’s where folks usually look for titles that need re-seeding. Just a suggestion.


        Oh, these are just as we received them 6 years ago, name convention and all that.





    1. Ozymandias

      Bump for Stuart Kaplan

      Dicks Picks are ready in 4 groups. Please see my 4 links above and my notes.

      When you start DLing them please shout out here and I’ll be sure to keep them going until you finish them.


      1. Stuart Kaplan

        Hi sorry just saw this. I’ll start now. I’ll do one at a time as requested. I just started Dicks1 but so far it is not DLing.

        1. Ozymandias

          As I mentioned I’ve been switching disks in and out. That disk is out at the moment. I will put it back late this evening so it’s ready to go in the morning. I’ll leave all 4 up until you get them. Just drop a line here when you finish the 4th. Thanks, and enjoy!.

          It would probably be a good idea to reload them into your client in the morning if possible. Not sure.

        2. Ozymandias

          Looks good. Don’t bother notifying me since I can recognize you by IP addy. I keep bouncing against my speed ceiling so yo doing well. No thumbdrive needed. Cheers!

          If it stops with no seeds present then know I’m moving disks around and will return.

  51. jcannon

    Hey Buford T –
    Looking for help on reseeds of the following original 24-96 file sets listed – not the new speed corrected 24-96
    I originally asked for help on the gd30trips page and realized I should make the request here. My apologies.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1976 – October 3, Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan 16 / 24

    1977 – April 25, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey 16 / 24

    1978 – May 14, Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island 16 / 24

  52. Rat

    Is anybody in a position to post some Janis Joplin? My (limited) collection is on the other side of the earth and I won’t be able to get to it for quite some time. Thanks in advance

  53. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have a complete set of The GD Roadtrips releases in FLAC? I realized I am missing more of them than I thought. Many thanks in advance!

  54. Ozymandias

    Any Billy Joe Shaver out there?
    He died last week (RIP) but I found out only this morning. A prolific Texas Legend since the 70s.

    “I’ve been to Georgia on a fast train, honey.
    I wasn’t born no yesterday
    I got a good Christian raisin’ and an eighth grade education
    Ain’t no need in y’all a treatin’ me this way.”

    Here’s a list of early albums. He recorded up til his death. His songs were covered by many many musicians, Willie and Jerry Jeff and Asleep at the Wheel, for 3,

    1973 Old Five and Dimers Like Me
    1976 When I Get My Wings
    1977 Gypsy Boy
    1981 I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Someday)
    1982 Billy Joe Shaver
    1987 Salt of the Earth
    1993 Tramp on Your Street

  55. Ozymandias


    I’ve checked 4 partial archives and haven’t found them. THANKS MUCH.

    I found them. Thanks.

    1. Ozymandias

      Yes, I think. I’m making a JJW RIP post now. There was an early LP Mr. Bojangles. Contrary to Ordinary was much later IIRC. The collection should be posted today.

  56. Ozymandias

    Carolina Moonrise

    An album of bluegrass songs by Jim Lauderdale with Robert Hunter lyrics


    There’s nothing so silver as a full moon that shines down thru Carolina pines, but
    in the pines, in the pines, beware the chiggers that dig where the sun never shines

        1. aikowolf

          Moving extremely I see its available to buy on download too.. if this falls through maybe we can start passing the hat around for this and some other hard to finds…

          Listening to the samples, I do like it

    1. Ozymandias

      have these 2, 24-96
      Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs – Hear the Whistles Blow – Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs Sing Songs of Rivers & Rails (1967)(24-96) (Columbia)

      Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Jamboree (1957, original mono WLP)

      I can we transfer.

      I want to keep my earle Scruggs Revue and Scruggs Boys separate. I’ve got a both vols Anniv Special , and The Scruggs Boys, please let me know if you find more.

        1. Ozymandias

          Wetfer coming soon

          The other are clearly different that earlier Earl . They are after he became a hippie and are with his sons Gary And Randy, and Jody Maphis and another or two. I’ll need to do some work to get those going. And They are all under the ES Revue name, There are 7-8 of them I have only 2 on digital. If you’ve already got some in the queue, go ahead and don’t hold back, I can just link to your posts in my collection, no problem. The are very different Earl (mid-70s), not bluegrass, but still make the heart sing.

  57. JerryRocks

    I have a few requests, if anyone has these Rhino-related releases:

    Ray Charles in Concert ( by Rhino Handmade

    Rhino Have a Nice Day (album series), volumes 1-25 (not the box set, which misses a lot of the songs). Does anyone have these? I have about seven of them, I think. It would be great if we could complete the set!

    Townes Van Zandt – Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas

    Bad Company Live in Concert 1977 & 1979

    Thanks for considering!

  58. aikowolf

    I’m having issues splitting 1 giant flac using the .cue sheet. It splits in my phone but has errors doing it and in my mac (3 or more year old version of xAct) t won’t process, head scratcher.

    Any kind soul willing to try it for me? Using tlh? Or other methods?(No windows machines here)

    It’s a couple 2lp sets of Newport 1960 if that entices anyone….

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I’ve notice in spittin CUE’s that the FLAC.cue is shit (to me).
      I use the straight cue sheet.cue and works fine. (I’m Windows 7)

      If you want you can send it to me, I would be shocked if you could split with iOS via phone (and if you’ have in the past. God bless you brother)
      Ooooh… Newport Jazz Festival (1960) yummy.
      I got some of that in the “CUE” (no pun intended) for here.

      1. aikowolf

        Actually newport Folk fest 1960, should have clarified.
        And the phone splitter is Android, I couldn’t find any app for IOS so I broke out my old android and am using that too for “stuff”

        1. Ozymandias

          OK, got it Aiko. I’ll try splitting it Sun. morning and will get back then if we don’t lose power in the hurricane.

          foobar handled the cue sheet fine.

          1. Ozymandias

            BTJ, what I wrote just meant that foobar read the cue sheet and divied up the 2 big files into tracks internally, the way cuesheets should. All 3 were loaded into foobar at the same time (drag-n-drop).

            Foobar cannot write those separate tracks to disk as far as I know. That’s what CUETools will do if I can get it right. Right now CUETools refuses to do it, giving the error that the 2 music files are not Redbook, which is correct. I’ve got to overcome that. Still working on it, should just be an options setting but I haven’t found it yet.

            Im up and moving around if you want to text/talk this morning. Late today the hurricane’s hot wind and rain might take out our power.

            1. Bufford T Justice

              I got that cue sheet into Foobar as seperate tracks as well for playback.
              I read there’s a way to separate and store as individual tracks via FooBar, just doesn’t work for me.
              Regardless… I will get in touch

    2. aikowolf

      I’m really somewhat perplexed here now, because I actually wound up being able to split them and testing 100%ok after running on my android again.

      No idea why it failed originally nor why it wound up working eventually.

      So look forward to Newport Folk 1960 vinyl coming soon, John Lee Hooker, Pete Seeger, Tommy Makem, The New City Ramblers, Flatt & Scruggs and more….

  59. JerryRocks

    Does anyone have this other Joni Mitchell set: Joni Mitchell – The Complete Geffen Recordings they could share? I have never really listened to these later recordings as much and would love to check them out.

    “The Complete Geffen Recordings”

    Released: September 23, 2003
    Geffen Records CD

    96K/24-bit Mastered from the original master tapes
    Universal Mastering Studios West – North Hollywood

    Includes all the Mitchell albums released
    on Geffen Records between 1982-1991:

    – Wild Things Run Fast
    – Dog Eat Dog
    – Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm
    – Night Ride Home

    plus 3 previously unreleased demo recordings

    “Wild Things Run Fast” 1982

    1-1 Chinese CafΓ©/Unchained Melody 5:19
    1-2 Wild Things Run Fast 2:16
    1-3 Ladies’ Man 2:39
    1-4 Moon At The Window 3:42
    1-5 Solid Love 4:12
    1-6 Be Cool 2:39
    1-7 (You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care 2:52
    1-8 You Dream Flat Tires 3:44
    1-9 Man To Man 2:16
    1-10 Underneath The Streetlight 4:04
    1-11 Love 3:57
    1-12 Two Grey Rooms (Unfinished Demo Version)

    “Dog Eat Dog” 1985

    2-1 Good Friends 4:29
    2-2 Fiction 4:10
    2-3 The Three Great Stimulants 6:14
    2-4 Tax Free 4:19
    2-5 Smokin’ (Empty, Try Another) 1:46
    2-6 Dog Eat Dog 4:44
    2-7 Shiny Toys 3:28
    2-8 Ethiopia 5:51
    2-9 Impossible Dreamer 4:30
    2-10 Lucky Girl 4:16
    2-11 Good Friends (Unfinished Demo Version) 4:03

    “Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm” 1998

    3-1 My Secret Place 5:02
    3-2 Number One 3:48
    3-3 Lakota 6:27
    3-4 The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)4:54
    3-5 Dancin’ Clown 3:55
    3-6 Cool Water 5:26
    3-7 The Beat Of Black Wings 5:25
    3-8 Snakes And Ladders 5:44
    3-9 The Reoccurring Dream 3:05
    3-10 A Bird That Whistles 2:37

    “Night Ride Home” 1991

    4-1 Night Ride Home 3:21
    4-2 Passion Play(When All The Slaves Are Free) 5:25
    4-3 Cherokee Louise 4:32
    4-4 The Windfall (Everything For Nothing) 5:16
    4-5 Slouching Towards Bethlehem 6:54
    4-6 Come In From The Cold 7:31
    4-7 Nothing Can Be Done 4:54
    4-8 The Only Joy In Town 5:12
    4-9 Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac 4:33
    4-10 Two Grey Rooms 4:14
    4-11 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Demo) 4:41

    Thank you in advance!

        1. Ozymandias

          Thanks much. Zip it and Wesendit and send the link to me at the Dead site where we exchanged PMs a short while ago about the Stealie Sun. I’m looking forward to it.

  60. Aikowolf

    I had uploaded a Punk Floyd LP rip at LL a while back called , Rhapsody In Pink ( pretty sure it was the 24bit) can’t find it there anymore nor on my hard drives, could anyone help me with a download of this on we transfer, google drive, mega or the like?


  61. Salty Wolf

    Dead Europe 72 – the big one.

    Finally got round to catching up on some GD 72 vintage. I tried to load up the Europe 72 box set; the one with 22 shows. What a stormer! Anyway I’ve happily loaded up 4-7 through to 4-24. After that though I’m having problems with some of the files, which aren’t loading properly. I’d be really grateful for a new source for this one and I know it’s a big ask as this release was huge.

    Apologies for posting this twice. Originally I put this request under reseeds and then realised that the link must have come from the old site.
    Best wishes.

  62. Camphor

    Any thoughts on this as a possible solution: If the download request is directed to a file name, I can make a .torrent file in TLH from my (re-tagged) file with the same name as appears in BOR, but changes in the metadata. The music files are not changed from BOR, just the metadata.

    1. room204

      That might work for you to reseed, but the filesets would be different for everybody else who downloaded the original torrent, so nobody else could help seed. I also think the checksums would fail (at least the md5 would; not sure about the ffp).

  63. Camphor

    Hey there,

    I have never really been exposed to jazz, but got a taste from the Michael Connelly books on Harry Bosch (detective stuff) and the series on Prime entitled Bosch. I was sufficiently intrigued to look up some of the artists, and wonder if they are available here:

    John Coltrane
    Sonny Rollins
    Gene Ammons
    Coleman Hawkins
    Art Pepper
    Frank Morgan

    No problem if they aren’t, just wondering. Thanks!

  64. Camphor

    I read somewhere that some work is being done on the Pure Jerry series. Maybe a re-issue? Memory isn’t what it used to be.

  65. Astro

    Would anyone happen to have Pure Jerry: Bay Area 1978 available? Allow me to front load a thank you since I know you fellas are all magicians, wizards and gentlemen.

    1. room204

      If you give me a day or so, I will put all of the Pure Jerry’s up on a single post. I just don’t think I can get it done tonight.

      1. Astro

        Right on! Thanks man, no rush, stay sane. There’s about 4.5 terabytes of *other* music on the hard drive I can occupy myself with in the meantime. Lol.

  66. Camphor

    This might be a bit of a stretch, but anybody have Beethoven’s symphony’s? All 9 would be sweet, but especially 5 and 9. They are great for a listen or to check out a sound system. Thanks!

  67. Bufford T Justice

    Anyone know how to capture YouTube vids w the audio?
    Re: 7-10-90 Carter Finley would be sweet to have outside of YouTube.
    That was a really nice treat on the Stream.
    I remember what a great time this was in NC. Brent doesn’t look like a total train wreck here (1st set, that is… lol)
    Damn Set breaks….

    Update: Forget it… found the solution

  68. Astro

    I know the reggae page is a work in progress, so this may just be a matter of “hold your horses Astro, it’ll be there at some point”, but does any one have “Burnin'” (1973) by the Wailers? That album has eluded my collection for… ever. Thanks.

      1. Astro

        Too kind, Too kind. 4th of July, a good time to recall the words of Mr. Twain, “Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”

  69. Camphor

    Anybody have this yet:

    Jerry Garcia Band – On Broadway Act One: 10/28/87 3-CD Set

    I suspect it is a redo/addition to/re-release/remaster of the Pure Jerry releases recorded in October of 1987 at the Lunt-Fontaine.

  70. Robert Nesta Marley

    Not certain if anyone has this or has heard – Pink Floyd / PULSE (from the “live” 1994 tour)?
    Never did figure out how I misplaced the discs….but i still have the cool lil box and booklet LOL
    Would love to hear it again – it’s been about 20 yrs + πŸ™‚

    1. room204

      I’ve got this. I am taxing my bandwidth now with the Dylan stuff, but as soon as those seed fully, I’ll get to the Floyd stuff.
      I won’t do the same as the Dylan (in terms of working chronologically), but I do imagine a Pink Floyd master discography post, that’ll get added to.
      EDIT: I just looked, and I’ve got 109 GB of Floyd that was posted to BOR.

  71. Camphor

    Anybody have Elton John: Madman Across the Water?

    Also, if you have time and they are available, Europe ’72 and the 1969 Fillmore Box Set would be cool.

    1. Ozymandias

      Europe 72 Box set is on tap. LP RIP & 2 CD versions are somewhere around here.

      Madman Across the Water, probably so, and Tumbleweed Connection definitely. Will put in queue. There is NO end.

      I’m trying to alternate GD-JG and other stuff. I’m aiming for the Box Sets. But that’s a long list so don’t let that stop anyone. Fillmore ’69 when I find it.

  72. Bufford T Justice

    Thanks for for reseeding Camphor. I know Mr. Kotter is looking for DP’s.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get most Dicks Picks here so I can’t reseed. πŸ™

    – Also looking at the Digital D/L Series 7 & 9, I see that discs 3 aren’t included in the torrents.
    I’m sure that will get fixed.

  73. Camphor

    Hey there,

    For some reason my DL of the GD Download Series Volumes 7 & 9 are both missing disc 3. Would somebody be able to top me off? Thanks.

    1. Anymouse

      Talk about asleep at the switch, before today, I don’t routinely read through this page, and sure enough I have the versions of the Download Series number 7 and 9 that are lacking disc 3 and discs 3 and 4 respectively.

      I gots to pay more ‘tention, oops.

    1. Mr. Kotter

      Unfortunately I must have no idea what I’m talking about because some of the DP are still not in. LOL
      I must have been looking at, … I have no idea what I was looking at. …

      Anyway, if someone could seed 5, 13, 14, 10, 16, 7, 9, 2, 19, 6, 8, 12 and 4
      Obviously I’m not in any hurry. LOL and thank you.

      1. room204

        I am now seeding 5, 10, 13, 14, 16, and will work on 7, 9, 2, 19, 6, 8, 12 and 4.
        Please let me know when you’ve got them.

  74. Mr. Kotter

    So I decided to dump all my old dick’s picks so that I could re-seed here.
    I’m needing a seed for DP 5 13 4 14 10 12 16 7 9 2 19 6 + 8

    Thanks in advance

    Stay in school kids

  75. Mr. Kotter

    We just got blessed with two Stevie Wonder gems, and I thought I remembered Songs in the Key of Life being on the old tracker, but couldn’t find in my disk of tricks. Anyone have that to throw up here?

  76. Camphor

    Man, you guys are busy making us happy! When you get a chance, maybe some early Dylan:

    Bob Dylan 1962
    The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan 1963
    The Times They Are A Changin’ 1964
    Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964
    Bringin It All Back Home 1965

    1. Ozymandias

      Howdy. I’m pretty sure those are in our old torrents list from the old site. We are just days away from posting the solution for bringing ~all those back for yall (around 2400). So hold on a week (we rarely say that) and they should be ready. They’ll be at the top of the list to get out. There are around 342 Dylan torrents… well not quite but you get the idea.

      And welcome to you, I don’t think I’ve said that yet.

  77. DupreeDAB

    Thanks to all involved for the recent lists of Dick’s Picks, Dave’s Picks, Download Series, Road Trips, and now 30 Trips! I am filling in some major gaps. I have most of Dicks and Dave’s, but not the others. This is fantastic.

    If I might be so bold… Europe 72 Complete would send me over the edge!

    1. room204

      Europe 72 box will be coming, too. I promise! We just needed to start somewhere, so we did.
      I predict this will be a pretty active week around here.

  78. Camphor

    Any Dave’s Picks, especially #5 and 21. Thanks, I truly appreciate you guys are doing and your responsiveness to requests.

    1. room204

      I’m on it. Give me a sec.

      EDIT: on second thought, I think all of the Dave’s Picks need to be redone. I propose we have a single Post of all of the Dave’s Picks, from 1 to 34, and when a new one comes out, we still do a fancy post for just that release, and then add the link to the master list. I’m just not too excited about making 33 posts of Dave’s Picks when we can just have one post, with limited info (like the Vol number, the date and location of the show. No need for setlists, IMO. I will start that.

  79. Wolfy

    Really grateful for this. Just recently getting into Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. Bob seems to be enjoying it. Has anyone got any?

    1. Bufford T Justice

      I’m not sure of any official release or downloaded stream is out there but certainly know you can get some @ LL / BT.etree

  80. Ozymandias

    Can anyone find the Seatrain (one word) album that has Orange Blossom Special on it?

    The guys are on a CA hilltop, scraggly hippies. Peter is holding a walking staff (far right) and there are several dogs with them,

    The official name is Seatrain, Seatrain (title, band).

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