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Sports Minded Crusaders

Hey Hey, playahs.
Starting a (post) topic to keep “sports world” talk in a respectful place.
This way we can keep the Sports “riff-raff” out of the music forums, links, topics…
Nice and clean.
I’ve always been a believer that Music & Sports is a beautiful life blend.

Bring it. 

48 thoughts on “Sports Minded Crusaders

  1. Bufford T Justice Post author

    Nothing better than NFL Playoffs.
    Great matchups this weekend with a Monday nighter ta boot!

    I think the biggest concern of mine is having the Draft Kings App installed @ games & stakes like this…
    Beuff > LV, BUF, TB, DAL, KC, LA

    NIners a tough matchup up, but if the “D” is stout… Go Boys! 31-27

    1. Camphor

      Rooting for them BTJ, now that Syracuse is gone. Ya gotta get offensive rebounds and be than than a one-dimensional scoring team to win in this tournament.

  2. Ozymandias

    Bball on the brain. Damn good set of clips, lots of meat.

    All thru the 60s, Elgin Baylor. He was a 6’5″ forward when that was standard in the league.

    And he talks about the changes in rules that make defense soft now compared to then. 71 points against a playoffs hand-checking Celtics defense


    #15, bye bye.

    I remember watching.

    Check it all out but look at the down the court pass at 2:22. Don’t blink.

    I just found that he died recently.

    Elgin Gay Baylor (September 16, 1934 – March 22, 2021) was an American professional basketball player, coach, and executive. He played 14 seasons as a forward in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, appearing in eight NBA Finals.

    Baylor was a gifted shooter, a strong rebounder, and an accomplished passer, who was best known for his trademark hanging jump shot. The No. 1 draft pick in 1958, NBA Rookie of the Year in 1959, 11-time NBA All-Star, and a 10-time member of the All-NBA first team, he is regarded as one of the game’s all-time greatest players. In 1977, Baylor was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      Yes… saw a wonderful tribute late the other night on Elgin.
      Amazing player, and an even better person #RIP

    2. Camphor

      I remember watching Elgin on TV with my father in the mid-60s as I was just getting into sports. My father thought he was the greatest non-Celtic to have ever played the game.

      1. Ozymandias

        Yeah, he did very well against Wilt. Much Quicker. Non-Celtic, I like that.

        I had a fade-away that was “modeled” (too strong a word) on his and Kevin McHale’s. He was beautiful too. My HS coach knew and played with/against Elgin on the playgrounds.

        1. Camphor

          My dad was a pretty good basketball player, back when you could be that at 5’7″. 2-handed set shot that he could still hit at 60. I think he appreciated Elgin because he could do everything…pass, shoot, defense, rebound and he was a nice guy. My father did everything but rebound. I grew up watching Elgin and the Celtics, Cousy, Hondo, Heinsohn, the Joneses, Russell and Red Auerbach. I was taught there are Celtics and everyone else. I think my father would have spontaneously combusted if Elgin was ever traded to Boston.

          1. Ozymandias

            2-handed set shots are a marvel to me. One needs twice the hand-eye coordination, and hand-hand. Well 1 handed jump shots these days are a marvel as well.

            I grew up in the Research Triangle and so had UNC-Duke-NCState ACC bball til college age. I caught Jordan’s last season, in an old “gymnasium” before he paid for The Dean Dome (UNC) where the GD played “LSD” (not great but I think it was the only time) and “Rain”, as most will know. Frigging landed flying saucer from angles; my grad school bldg was a little higher but close to this spot.


    1. Camphor

      Man, these 10 pm starts on the east coast are killers. I’ll be cheering for MI tonight until I fall asleep. Lets hope it isn’t like the Syr-Uconn game with 6 OT during the days of the Big East (2009 or 2010?). I think that was a 9 or 10 pm Thurs night start. I saw the entire game, but was a dog at work the next day.

      1. Bufford T Justice Post author

        I remember that 6 OT game like yesterday.
        I love to hear folks around here say they stayed for the whole game. BS!!! MSG was empty in OT #3.
        Classic game in history.

        1. Camphor

          Yup I saw MSG empty. Just Johnny Flynn and a handful of guys watching him do his stuff at the end. It was nice being able to walk 25 feet to bed at 2 am (or whatever ridiculous time it ended), and the beers were a lot cheaper than at MSG.

    1. Camphor

      Buddy Basket comes through! It will be tough to keep it going without more diversification on scoring, WVA has a good defense. MI on tap this afternoon.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      One of the BEST things this year is no Duke & Kentucky in the NCAA Tourney.

      My allegiance in order:
      1. Michigan (by a lot)
      2. North Carolina
      3. Syracuse

  3. Camphor

    Hey BTJ, good, if expected, win yesterday. Gotta wonder exactly what Juwan said to get ejected, must have involved some of the 7 words you can’t say on tv. I saw his post-game comments, not very elucidating. Team rallied well for the second half.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      Yes, MICH back on the right path for March Madness.

      Juwan was “NOT” happy with that 7 word reference. Love that Mich went on a 8-0 run after he left.
      That MD coach and a couple players were bad news the first two meetings this year… so this time Juwan didn’t want to back down.
      I get the Big 10 Network (in CT of all places) and the first meeting in Landover Juwan mentioned (post-game) some of the things that were being said to Mich players (not for repeating)
      Love that he’s got the players back. Parents love that shit.

      OSU gonna be another brutal test today at 1pm. Gonna be a lot tougher without Livers (could be done for the year).
      I do however, like my Wolverines and the way they’re playing right now. Unselfish and love for one another… also, MICH got the No.1 recruiting class for 2021. The rich get richer.

      So glad, as I’m a Sox, Cowboys and Phlyers fan!!!!
      …and DAK takes all that $$$ and leaves nothing for Da-cap? A real team player ☹

  4. Bufford T Justice Post author

    50 years ago tonight in the Boxing mecca of the World.
    Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier was billed as the “Fight of the Century,” March 8, 1971, at MSG.
    4:50-5:00 mark. Awesome.

  5. Bufford T Justice Post author

    #3 Michigan @ #4 OSU today at 1pm (CBS)
    Biggest game of the year in the toughest conference in the country.
    Go Blue

  6. aikowolf

    As an almost life long Broncos fan, definitely a tough game for me today, KC? NO! and Brady????…. Brady???… no.

    So I’m pulling for Shaq Barrett and the Tampa defense to put Mahomes in his place, repeatedly ( and wouldn’t mind seeing Tom spanked around some also)

    Close game comes down to a missed extra point or 2 even. Both kickers have already missed PATs in the playoffs .

    TB by 2

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      Lifelong Cowboys fan and even more-so a Michigan Wolverine fan.
      I will ALWAYS root for TB12.
      I want the Bucs to lose and TB12 to win. (Ist to 3 SB wins in 3 separate decades)?

      I think it will be won in the trenches. Bucs D-Line vs. All-back-up KC O-Line is a tall order, but Maholmes is a freak of nature.

      Today the pupil gets taught how to be a multiple X champion.
      Should be a great game.
      Let’s hope for drama with 3 minutes to go… Andy Reid always screws up clock management and Bruce Arians will be coached standing on the sideline by TB12 and Gronk today.

      Coaching advantage > Reid
      Defense advantage > Bucs
      Speed advantage > KC
      Skill Players > Tie
      Special Teams advantage > KC

      Bacon/Prosciutto Cream Cheese Bites, Olive Cheese Balls, Turkey Chili, Texas French Toast, Beuff’s Home Fries and of course… DBL IPA’s and Mimosa’s that started 2 hours ago… along with 3 different strains and a new glass piece!

      Peace out boy scouts – enjoy the day (holiday)

      P.S. Another snowstorm coming through… love it.

  7. Bufford T Justice Post author

    Hey Playah’s –
    Well my Cowboy’s season is over but I just logged on to my “Spread Football Pool” year end stats and I ended up in 7th place and taking home $1250.

    So, I wonder if this is this telling me 2021 is something that might be a year to remember?
    Hopefully, but it remains in the “positive” column.

    Come on Browns! Come on Buffalo!
    I love me some underdawgs…

    Oh yeah, my NCAAB Michigan Wolverines are also the only undefeated team in the Big Ten Conference… the best conference in the land (9 in Top 25) (5 in Top 15). Yes, it’s Jan. 4th, but that’s all I got.

  8. Bufford T Justice Post author

    Now this is making me feel a little bit better after a historical upsetting/crazy U.S. week.

    Just what the doctor ordered.

    Love or hate it? No problem. I LOVE IT. Heck, A-Rod is ESPN’s/MLB’s poster boy.
    They’ve been cheating since Babe Ruth was taking Amphetamines to cure an all-night cigar-n-booze fest.
    Not to mention Mickey Mantle downing Bennie’s with OJ religiously and such after his rounds at the Tabernacle’s throughout the cities night after night.
    Hahaha. True.
    Love ya Ike

  9. Camphor

    Michigan vs Michigan State today. Let me guess who you are backing BTJ.

    We were at Letchworth Park in central NY last week to catch some fall colors and do some hiking. I was surprised to find a nice assortment of Singlecut beers. The 18-Watt IPA was a nice mid-afternoon starter, good flavor for a 5% ABV. The Softly Spoken Magic was quite good for a second course, 8.6%.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      Haha. It’s always about Ohio University (LOL) but this inter-state battle always makes for tense days.
      We need to bring that Paul Bunyan trophy back where it belongs. GO BLUE!
      Got my DBL IPA Six Point Resin flowin’ – Goy my Lucky “Wheel” hat going… now if DaP 36 would just be in the mail box today (that would be some icing) Been in Springfield, MA for 3 days??

  10. Camphor

    Great pitcher’s duel last night, at least for the first few innings. I would love to see Kershaw vs Glasnow again. Betts showed once again that anyone with a name like Mookie (love that name) can be very special – hitting, defense, base running, he did it all. Dodgers can hit ! At least last night.

    I saw the double play by Turner in the last (?) Divisional Game – ran the runner down going from 3rd to home then doubled the guy coming into 3rd – very nice heads up baseball.

    1. BTJ

      Sure was friend… Kershaw trying to dig deep and screw up his Post Season nay-sayers.
      As a huge Sox fan can’t say enough how mad I am at John Henry for not keeping Mookie Betts. That guy is just a stud ball player. Plays hard, plays the right way (what evah that means… lol) Just a winner.

      Turner’s hair drives me crazy… yes that run-down was a very heads’ up baseball play. The little things done right, make the player and wins Championships.

      Big 10 CFB is back this weekend GO BLUE!

    1. Camphor

      Haha, must have been mentored, or fathered by?, by Hochuli.

      I’m behind the times, but it seemed fitting that the Yankees-TB game featured all HR scoring. Pretty good game game between TB and Houston last night, I fell asleep in the 8th, gotta check the score.

      I had Wilson as my fantasy qb and things were not looking too good in the first half. Started to rebound in the second, hope it continued.

      Raiders and Carr took it to the Chiefs! They are a much better team than I previously thought. I have newfound respect for Carr after seeing him 2 weeks in a row.

      Not a bad sports night. I don’t think I saw more than 1 commercial all night. Switching among football, baseball, and basketball.

      If the Titans have one more positive Covid in the organization, the NFL should require them to forfeit the game Tuesday, imho. A team that can’t follow what appear to be pretty simple guidelines from the NFL and risks infecting the rest of league needs to be severely punished. Same goes with the Pats. Full disclosure: Being a Bill’s fan has influenced the vigor of my post, but not the basic message.

  11. Bufford T Justice Post author

    Happy NFL Sunday folks! Red-Zoning here (7 hours of commercial-free Pigskin) Best TV programming ever.
    Got the Ray Charles greatness in the hopper and now to start DBL IPA’s.
    Turkey Chili in the crock, Indica in my sock.
    Peace Sports fans.

  12. Camphor

    Wow, Brady went bananas last night. My Bill’s have lost to him many tens of times, so can’t say I’m upset to see it. Am surprised, however. He is normally in control.

    Yankees v Tampa Bay has been quite a series, looking forward to tonight.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if covid turns the NFL inside out, scheduling gymnastics already happening, idiot players breaking isolation rules. Players testing positive after games does not bode well.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      Yeah Brady is cool as school.
      I cannot stand the Patriots, BUT love Tom Brady (Michigan man ❤) all the way.
      Ppl ask me about who I want to win the Super Bowl when Patriots are participants… my answer:
      “I want Tom Brady to win and the Patriots to lose”.

      Tampa Bay Rays blew their wad last night. Needed to close that shit out and now Skankees got Cole on 3 days rest and Rays have Glasnow on 2 days rest. Great talents, but not on short rest, either of them… Elimination games are always fun regardless. $220m payroll vs. $64m payroll.
      Skanks scared as shit last night. Happy as a piglet today.
      I wanna know when Gio Stanton became Hank Greenberg at the plate? WTF. Plunk his ass.

      The COVID is starting to ramp up in the NFL.
      The one thing (and only thing about COVID) I am liking is more NFL games on “off days”
      I hear now the Patriots are playing at 5:15 EST on Monday (1 of 2), and the Titans game is now 7pm EST Tuesday night.
      NFL = Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday… glowing over here…. Love it.
      (Still not worth the BS COVID that’s still spreading in the country and world).

      Games on and puff pipes standing by waiting for activation.

  13. room204

    While I don’t agree with your Yankee’s comment, this is a great use for the forum. If there are any other topics people would like to discuss, I’m sure we can add more forum ‘rooms.’

  14. Astro

    I’ll throw this out there just to hopefully have open some chat, but I’m one of those truly messed up United Statesians who only cares about one sport – football. Known here in the states as sock-ah. European leagues, MLS, international games & tournaments, I drink it all in. Anyone else follow the most popular game on the planet?

    1. BTJ

      Go Pele’
      That’s all I got.
      Howard Cosell and the Cosmo’s circa ’72-’73ish.

      But I did see a ESPN 360 documentary on Pablo Escobar and The Madness of his Mexican soccer clubs. That was pretty awesome
      I tell ya, that dude took no prisoners, a loss was not a good thing.

  15. Camphor

    Forgot to add, this site is a really comfortable place to hang out. Great music, wonderful sharing attitude, and some good takes on various topics.

  16. Camphor

    Thanks BTJ, I certainly have been guilty of cluttering the music forums.

    Re: refs, bad calls and missed calls are dominating the early going in the NFL. The Bill’s got screwed in an interception that wasn’t (and likely would have resulted in points) and then got a gift in a pass interference call that was questionable (and won the game because of it). Wrong way, imho, to determine a game. Also, what is going on with crack-back calls? They apparently depend on the angle at which the offender is facing towards/away from his goal line, his intent (insinuated by his body position), and the body part used in the block? Ridiculous.

    1. Bufford T Justice Post author

      No no no, not at all. All good Camphor.
      Not like a daily thing or anything, just when certain things come up and people wanna shout out passion or personal thoughts can keep it all tidy.

      And yes, Nameless, no doubt refs starting to give KC some Micheal Jordan rules.
      Man, I bet Andy Reid is happy to have landed in BBQ hallowed grounds!

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