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VIDEO: Grateful Dead, May 24, 1970 [mp4]

So here’s the deal. When the Long, Strange Trip film was released on bluray, the deluxe version of the set had a second, bonus, disc that contained a bunch of footage from the time that the Dead went overseas for the first time. Here is that footage, with the addition of one song, Hard to Handle, that wasn’t included on the bonus disc. I have patched it in here, so, as far as I can tell, this is *all* of the video footage of the Dead that circulates from this show.

Two other shows were presented on the bluray: a few tracks from 7/2/89 and Death Don’t from 9/29/89.

7/2/89 excerpt
9/29/89 excerpt

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: Grateful Dead, May 24, 1970 [mp4]

  1. dcarey

    what an awesome share the 5/24/70 material is an amazing piece of Grateful Dead history, and the 9/29/89 Death Don’t Have No Mercy isn’t too shabby either !! Thanks so much

  2. Robert Nesta Marley

    GRATEFUL Room204!!! Of course i bought the 2 DVD set immediately when it came out mainly bc of the disc 2 material from 5-24-70….which was one of my first tapes of GD WAY back in the day when i started trading! I still to this day LOVE that show (even though i prolly doesn’t stack up against the powerhouse shows of 1970 overall) and am stoked you filled in some gaps with video footage (hard 2 handle) which really makes me smile!! I remember first hearing this tape (way back) and just lovin’ those great lil Jerry licks during NFA from this show – this show is one of the (many) reasons i became a die-hard deadhead way back 🙂 TYSM!!

        1. room204 Post author

          I wanna clarify a little. This is what I did:
          I put the bonus Long Strange Trip footage in a timeline (in a video editing program) and
          then I gathered all of the clips I could find on YouTube, in addition to the various clips I have gathered over the years, and starting stacking them together (in a different timeline), based on the LST footage. All of the YouTube clips and the various clips were all contained in the LST footage, with the exception of a clip I had of Hard To Handle.
          If there is more that I have missed, please let me know. I would love to find out there is more of this footage out there.
          Edit: Yeah, I know I named the file “Hollywood Pop Festival” when it should really be “Hollywood Music Festival” – my bad. Sorry.

          1. TGOGD

            With the tunes that were captured and the setlist order as we know it, it sure makes you wonder what other footage might exists.
            Transparency of information about this kinda stuff from the Vault keepers sure would be cool.
            Feels like their could potentially be some 1970 TIFTOO footage based on what we have here, at least in my completist brain imagination. And that there would indeed be rare. And Dark Star suite footage oh how neat that would be. This is true Power Jer era stuff. 27 years old. If you ask me the band definitely had a leader.

            Did you edit video in Premiere? Just curious which program you used as I’m a geek.

            Thanks for doing this, it’s been on my to do list for a while 😉
            Now I can cross that off and just watch!

            Next on the list.. Human Be-In compilation, and March 1968 Haight Street. Wanna get started on that?
            Thanks bro!

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